Learning Chinese Flash Cards At Dinning Table

Date:  Sep 28, 2013

We love the small little activities during our dinner time.  We not only have great meals here…

Why so funny look?

IMG 8331

Oh, Jay said “Yum Yum!”

As mommy cook the Tibet Wild Black Fungus with Fuchow Red Wine and Chickens.  Yummy indeed.

IMG 8328

So, what shall we do after the dinner?

IMG 8339

So, mommy test their Chinese flash cards.

Some times, you can tell what is your children’s progress in learning these Chinese words.

And I love this… There is no ashamed to look at your brother for help sometimes.  HaHaHa

IMG 8340

As I said before, at home, we speak Mandarin with the kids, but the kids when they speak to each other, they speak English somehow.  We cannot understand why, but may be it is because we put them in Lorna Whiston FULL DAY since young, so, they get to pick up this habit since they spent so much time in school with their friends and with each other.

So, as parent, who wants them to really know Chinese language, we can only hope that thru more fun practise, we can strengthen their foundations.

I love this one.

IMG 8341

Jay Jay actually read the 瓢虫 (Piao2 Chong2) into 瓜虫 (Gua2 Chong2).  I taught him that and he applies it.  有边读边.

Later in the video you will see how Kay Kay reads the Dragon Fly into Butterfly.  


So, you can see Kay Kay is only memorising some parts of the word and do guessing.  But it is good enough for a N2 kid.  

He is especially proud of teaching his older brother Jay those Jay does not know.

We have also need to tell and teach the kids not to be ashamed when you do not know the words but little brother knew it.  We have to explain why?  And make sure their confident level is still there.

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