Kay Kay Learn Swimming (3rd lessons)

Date: Sep 28, 2013

The story so far…

First week still OK.  But when uncle Soh, don’t allow him to use his goggles, he begun to panic.  (I actually ask uncle Soh not to give him, as I think it is essential kids swim in the most natural way in the water.  When you fell into the water next time, where is your goggles?)

Second week, uncle Soh has to drive Kay’s mommy away, as Kay Kay under stress and keeps looking for mommy and ask to quit swimming.

We don’t have swimming for 2 weeks because of renovation.

So, yesterday it is the third lesson.  This time, mommy definitely not allowed watching.  HaHaHa.

It is Daddy’s job to make sure young Kay Kay do not quit swimming.  Let’s scratch my head and see how we can do this.

Of course heart broken when I see him cry and begging like this.  For the first half and hour, he has been like this.  HaHaHa… 

whining and crying and afraid of this and that.


Uncle Soh has been very patient, and he told me, don’t worry, leave it to him, it will take some times for him to conquer the fear.


Poor kid.  Let daddy come to the rescue.


OK.  He heard that daddy come to rescue, but now he is even more worried.  HaHaHaHa Why?


This is his stressful swimming video.  HaHaHa… He keeps whining, keep shouting, keep crying.  Uncle Soh have a hard time to make him stop crying.

So, when Daddy comes to the rescue, do you think this daddy (me) will let him off so easily?

Of course NO.  My son knows me better than any one.  He knew that when Daddy is “activated” it is going to be a serious thing.

Usually it involves lots of lecturing, etc.

So, first thing, I asked him to do is sit by the pool side.

With HALF OF HIS BUTT sitting, not the whole butt until the knee.  HaHaHaHa

And I asked him to kick water.  Stop crying, stop whining and kick the water. 

This is to train his legs and build up some muscles hopefully.

Mommy of course won’t do this, see son crying sure go and hug him, comfort him.

But daddy did it different.  Daddy jumps into the water and act as “second coach”.  So, he actually enjoys kicking the water.

Make sure he does not get rest and kick the water.

Next, from time to time, put his head down into the water.  So, what I did is, after kicking the water some times, then, I hold him, and ask him to take a deep breathe and submerge his head into the water for 1-2 seconds.  

As expected, cry each time his head went into the water.

So, I did it about 6-12 times depending on how he begs me.  

That was the hard part training.

Your heart has to be strong.

You also have to be careful so that he does not drink water.

So, as daddy training the kid, is NOT EASY at all.

But there is no other way.

Kay: “Daddy, no, I don’t want”

Daddy: “OK, you say you don’t want, then, I make you do 3 more times.”

Kay: “Daddy, I cannot.”

Daddy: “Cannot, do again!”

Then, you let him rest and kick water beside.

Then, you carry him again and train him to dive his head into the water.

The more he begs the more I make him do.

Until he FINALLY gets it.

Kay: “Daddy I want to do one more time.”

And I dive his head into the water, and straight away put him on the pool side.

Why?  Because he did not ask me to stop.  Instead he wants me to dive his head into the water.

Clever Kay Kay, knows that if he say don’t do it, I will make him do 3 times.  So, this time, he become clever, and he volunteer to do it.  So, I do one time and stop.

Every time we did this, I asked “Did something happen to you?”

Every time, of course I make sure there is nothing happen.

You thought daddy not afraid meh? 

Of course, I am afraid!

Uncle Soh, gives a thumbs up and watch me each time I dive his head into the water.

Up to a stage where uncle Soh says, “Let him rest a bit…”


Then, after 20 minutes of such diving exercises…

I asked him to DO IT HIMSELF.  Sit by the pool stairs and dive his head under the water for 1-2 seconds.

At first, not willing to do so.

But since he has done so many times before and nothing happen, he begun to try.

And I am so glad that he make thru this test.

Here, you must bring your Waterproof camera so that he can see the carmera and he can see the results each time he dives.

And now, here comes the “Mommy power”.

Daddy: “Come, dive your head, take a deep breathe, 1-2-3 dive.  And say cheese for mommy”.

I told him to take a good video for mommy.

And he really did it.

So I said, “this one no good, let’s take another one.”

Like this, I have tons of shots of him diving his head into the water.

But the good thing is, look at his last few dives, he is confident that this will not hurt him somehow and he is very comfortably doing it.  

And I knew this is the first step of success.

Finally, after long 40-45 minutes, you see him smiling again!



 Uncle Soh, bring him out to the pool to kick the water and swim on the float.

Then, it is my turn.  So, you want to know how does a small water proof camera can do the trick?

Shoot video of him swimming.

And then LET GO of the float.  And this is the most wonderful moment I had yesterday in the pool.

It is equally stressful at the beginning.  And then, at the end of the class, you see him smiling, kicking the water.  And for the FIRST TIME, he is kicking the water on his float with no other people holding the float for him.  I love this video so much, and later that night, the whole family watch this on our projector.  And Kay Kay was so happily tell mommy all about it.

And he does not even realise it some times that he was swimming on his own for the first time… Make it fun and make him laugh.  HahaHaHaHa

Of course, skipping all the crying and whining part.  HaHaHaHa…

The other trick I did is, “Kay Kay, look, daddy is racing with you and taking video.”

So, I actually running beside the pool and always called too him.  

It is a race, and of course, he will try kicking very hard.  Hahahaha

Don’t forget to speak in funny voice.  

And then, splash the water too.  Hahahaha.

Being a parent is not easy.  

Swimming is an essential skills I am “forcing” my kids to learn.  Jay Jay took it very well.

But Kay Kay is a bit scare of water.

So, with some thinking and simple approach, you can make your kids swim.  Just like how we teach him how to ride a bike. 

IMG 8323

You need a lot of patient, you need a lot of innovative ideas.

And definitely you need a waterproof camera.

And you need a very iron heart at the beginning too.

Cannot be soft hearted and give in to everything.  

So, when you see your child smile like that again in the swimming pool, it is a great relief and joy.

Well done my son.  Kay Kay you did very well today.  


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