Another Lantern Outing

Date:  Sep 28, 2013

Wow, did not know that MP is so rich, and they can sponsor Lantern Party.  Thanks for the food and drinks.

IMG 8259

Jay’s best friend – Lukas asked us to come over to their place for another round of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

Mommy replied a few days ago…  “Not going.” (I knew she wanted to catch some sleep because of her late night teleconferences.)

But this decision was over-ruled.  

I think it is very important for kids to be together at special event.  The more they go, the more they remembered their childhood.

So, I told Jay “Later after dinner we go to Lukas’ house”.

And as expected he was so excited about it.  At first, he was a bit sad about it when mommy say not going.  

IMG 8220

On this occasion, kids get to stay up longer.  No matter how tired they are, their eyes will keep open until the very last batter juice is finished.

IMG 8225

It’s lantern night.  So, got to have some lanterns.

IMG 8234

Look a that big smile on Kay Kay face.  

That is the look that will make you (mommy) forget about tiredness.  hahaha

IMG 8242

The young ones are having lots of fun.

IMG 8245

Later that night, we end up staying another 30 minutes in Lukas’ house looking at his fish tank, playing Thomas the Train Track, etc.

And all the kids have fun the whole night.

So far, I think we did pretty good to get the kids together.

We have mega parties at our home.

We went Skiing with Claire’s family.

We went Taiwan with Lukas’ family.

During Haze, I brought the kids to Bangkok with Justin’s and Conrad’s family.

We went to watch movies a couple of times.

And this coming December, 7 families will gang up to go Taiwan again.  It’s going to be lots of fun for Jay and his friends.

Building friendship this way is a cool way.  I love it!

And the parents also enjoyed each other’s company too.  

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