Our New Home – The Madeira

Date:  June 24, 2019

We started the renovation on Feb 18, 2019.  Finally, the renovation is completed after 3 months.

Here are the photo gallery of the new place.  After the major overhaul.

Study Room

Me and the kids will take this room as our study room.

All of us love it.

As you can see, all our desks are from Ikea.  All can go up and down by pressing the button.

I opt for a standing chair.  As most of the time I will be standing up doing my work.  That keeps me not to spent so much time at my iMac.

And we even move their messy bookshelves over here.


Store Room

The store room is much bigger, as we cut a room into half and make it into store room.  The other side of the wall is the walk-in wardrobe.

I think we should be able to keep lots of things here.  But may be I was wrong.  Hahaha

Let’s see.  I like to use the Ikea plastics drawers to keep things.  Hahaha

It’s almost full.  But let’s see what magic we can do later this week.


Master Bedroom

The master bed room also smaller than the old Park West.  That is why we lost a lot of storage space here.

My king size bed fit just in nicely.

I moved the 65″ LG TV from my old Pack West home to here.  So, let’s place it in my bedroom.  Of course Apple TV is a must.

IoT is furnished with Philip Hue lights, Haiku Fan, Sensibo controlled air-conditioning.

Master Bedroom Toilet

Must bigger toilet.

No more bath tub.  In our previous two homes, we had it.  But seldom use it at all.

We moved the Diamond Water Spa here.  Toilet Equip with Toto Washlet.

Lot’s of storage.

Walk-In Wardrobe

After you open the Toilet door, on your right is the door to the walk-in wardrobe.

I think I made a mistake here.  Because whoever inside the toilet will prevent the entrance to the walk-in wardrobe.  hahaha

But after the renovation, I like it.  Equipped with Fan, and air-con.

The air-con is controlled by Tado.  Tado has recently updated their firmware, and there is a feature where Tado will turn on and off the air-con to save energy.  haha

This is an important room, because this is where I stored my Synology boxes here.  The NAS is the most important equipment in the house.  It stores all the photos of any kind for this family since 10 plus years ago until now.  As you can guess, I have 2 Synology in backup configurations.  I also had the movies I like in 1080p format stored here so that it can be accessed by all the TV as well as IOS, Apple TVOS devices.

The new walk-in wardrobe also house all my camera equipment, my lenses, by camera, etc.

Plenty of spaces to keep our clothing.

Kid’s Bedroom

Kay Kay requested the room to be painted yellow.

I bought the double decker bed from FortyTwo online furniture stores.  Pretty good service.  I bought more from there.

The double decker is Super Single on top and Queen Size below.

Of course we cannot install a Haiku fan here, so, we placed an antique fan on top.

Kid’s Bedroom Toilet

Simple toilet for the kids.

Will the 3D effect hexagon wall.

Did not install shower tampered glass door here as it is quite small the toilet.

Toto Waslet from our old Park West home.

They now have a proper closet.  Big storage space for them.


The long corridor that separate the Living Room to the bed rooms.

Well lid by natural light.

iRobot resting place at the middle.

On the ceiling, Eero is doing its job providing Internet to the house thru WiFi.

Door way to roof top.

There is a guest toilet here too.

Guest Toilet

With the guest toilet, I think there should not be any problem in accessing toilet within the household.  hahaha

We moved the Diamond Water Spa to here too.  Toto Washlet is installed here.

Stairs to Roof Top

Bought a fancy door to access to the roof top.

Changed the lights, as well as the stairs handle.

Roof Top

Perhaps one of the main feature is the roof top area.  It is 1300 sq feet.  Downstairs total area is 1700 sq feet.

This will be my wife main working area.  Since she is doing some new aquaponics initiatives, she needs a good Feng Shui place to work.

After moved in, we still unpacking.  But the roof top getting nicer.

My wife work area.  My roof top kitchen.

Our exercise area.

My photograph area too at night.

Living Room

Simple Living Room.

This is where I chose to use the bigger tiles for my flooring.  Looks nice when you have big tiles.

Bought a new Sony 75″ Android TV.  Still trying to figure how to install other APK apps on it.  The small attic area upstairs is the children play room.

A small book shelves to store their games and books.

The final configurations makes it looks nice and spacious.

Kid’s Play Room Attic

This small stairs leads to the playing area.

I bought a small chair or sofa bed here.  Just in case some one stay over night.

A Xiaomi TV for the gaming console.  I moved the Denon sound bar here too.

Dining Area

This is the dining area space.

We moved our Italian Dining Table here.  As well as all the chairs.

But the chairs cushion looks old because of the cat claws.. hahaha But we love the chairs.  So we keeping it.

A white Ikea cupboard to put all the wine glasses, plates, etc.

The Kitchen & Washing Area

The kitchen is much smaller.

It housed my NLT Fibre and internal cabling.  Which I am very proud of.  Hahaha

Smaller kitchen, but I have two, one downstairs and one upstairs.

The washing area is at the back.

Domestic Helper Bedroom

My domestic helper sleep behind this door with ventilation.

This is originally the bunker.  But we changed the door.

Inside, is a high bed with lots of storage.

A mirror for her.

A Xiaomi TV for her with all Philippines channels loaded onto the Xiaomi TV OS.

My helper is glad to have this such nice place.  hahahaha

Remember, treat your helper nice nice, then, she will treat you and family nice nice.

Domestic Helper Toilet

Although is smaller, but everything you need is there.

We already choose to move in on June 18, 2019.  An auspicious day.  Yeah!



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