Taekwondo – Chapter Assessment

Date:  Mar 12, 2017

Today, the J.H Kim Poom Chapter Assessment is held at their newly opened training center at Pasir Panjang just opposite the Haw Par Villa.

It is a nice center because the class room has windows in 3 directions.  That mean, this is the first time, parents can see what they have to go thru for the chapter assessment.  I took lots of photos too.


It was a nervous day for Kay Kay.  Because this is his first Poom belt chapter assessment.  i.e. Chapter 1.

He asked me before the test.. “What if I failed?”

Then, I said “Of course 打打 (beat beat) lor.”

With a bit of worried face, he stepped into the class room.

Of course I said lastly “Do your best!”


Kay is doing warm up.


I didn’t know they asked them to split the legs.  That is how low he can go.  Wow, I am impressed!  Well done Kay Kay!


Then, they have a round of practice on their pattern before the assessment.


Good luck ya!  Kay Kay!


First Poom – Chapter 1 Assessment – Pattern


And I think he nailed it.  Each step is well executed, with some strength, and his stance is good.  His brother took this assessment when he is in P3.  Kay done it in P2, a year earlier than his brother.

At first I worried that he might not be able to cope in class, learn all the pattern.  But he did well.  Well done Kay Kay!


Non-Contact Sparring

Next, they test you on sparring skill.  See what kind of punches and kicks you deliver.


He has to do a non-contact sparring for two opponents.  This is his first one.  I think he might be the youngest in class.  And thus, his opponent are like P5 or P6.  This one is taller than him by 2 heads.

This is his second non-contact sparring. This opponent is shorter than the first one.  But still one head taller.  hahaha

Somehow he is like dancing at the end.  hahaha

Well done la Kay Kay!


Board Breaking

Hahahaha.  This is funny.  His inner strength still need to be improved.

First trial cannot.  Second cannot.  And finally, the third strike broke the board.  And he feels pain.  hahahaha

Well done Kay Kay.

He passed the assessment.  And happily talking to his friend about the board breaking experience.


Can’t wait to show me his broken boards.


Now is Jay’s turn.

He is taking his 2nd Poom Chapter 4 assessment test today.

After Chapter 4, he will have to gone thru 24 lessons and take the final assessment before he go for the 2nd Poom grading.



2nd Poom – Chapter 4 assessment – Pattern

Practising round.


For me, I better learned quickly how to take a “sport photo”.  This is the first time I am doing manual mode shooting on my camera.  Hope to get it right.  Need to freeze all his kick and punch.  hahaha  And the glasses are so dirty, the cleaner did not do a great job ya.. hahaha.

[For my eyes only]  50-140mm lens.  EV +2/3, SS 1/250s, F2.8, ISOAuto/ISO3200, C-Focus mode.  And the actions really freeze and recorded down at the sensor.  Wow!


Looks ok.


Here comes his pattern grading.  There are only two students taking this chapter 4 assessment for the 2nd poom.

And I think he nailed it.  Good job Jay!

Its lovely to see both of them performing the pattern.  Not in sync in the middle but back to syncing state after that.


Non-Contact Sparring

Here are some photos I took during his sparring assessment.


I like this, this is like floating in the air…


The floating kick.  hahahaha


And kick!


Interesting, how they get the balance when both bodies are leaning behind…




Kicking again…


And again…


Now, the 2nd opponent is a girl.  Good job Jay!


Board Breaking

Make a few practises first, to determine how high to kick.  One kick Gao-Tim!

Yeah!  Good job Jay.

The head-master Master Rivas talking to the students.  Well done!  Every one passed the assessment.


One more thing…

You see that piece of photos at the back behind the glass panel (behind Jay)?


I did not realise that Jay is on that picture.

That’s him wearing the red protective helmet, and the blue chest guard.


That is one of the sparring practise photos.  hahahaha….

So, Jay has his photos on the wall at Pasir Panjang J.H. Kim center.  hahaha, I guess that is going to be there for a long long time.


Good job to both of my sons.  Jay & Kay.  From now on, home security will be on you two.  hahaha



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