Teaching Kids Mahjong

Date:  Dec 31, 2016

I first picked up Mahjong when I was in P6.

I just transferred from Kuen Cheng (2) PS in Kuala Lumpur to Foon Yew (2) PS in Johor Bahru that year.  And one of the classmates was one talent in Mahjong, so, she taught all of us the classmates how to play mahjong.  So, I since picked up Mahjong at a very young age.  If I can learned mahjong at such young age, why not introduce to the kids when they are young age.  But for Kay Kay, at P2, it is a bit young.  hahaha

Hey boys, you don’t play mahjong this way!!!


So, what do we know about mahjong?

Mahjong can help you to train your brain.  So that when you old, you won’t get dementia.

That is probably one of the biggest excuse for people to play mahjong.

Mahjong is a game of probability, risk and math and memory.

You can count probability.  There is always risk, as others might win big.  It is a bit of math as you need to count the cards.  And you have to memorise what cards your friends played too.  So, it is a very nice game.


So, on their first introduction class.  They learned the tiles.

They learned they have to do 4 sets (either Eat or Pong) and a pair of “eyes”.

We also played “Open Book” mahjong a few rounds to see what cards other people have and how to play it.

I must say the kids really picked up fast.


So. for the first time ever, during the LWPS (the kids’ preschool last time) grand new year party, I placed a table there.  And some older siblings actually sit down and played with the adults that day.


And of course, one thing we always teach the kids is…

  1. you can play Mahjong, but don’t make it an addict.  The kids by now should know clearly what is addiction.  i.e. asking for iPhone and play Pokemon Go! every now and then is an addiction.
  2. Next we teach the kids what is gambling, why gambling is not good.  We openly discuss issues where rich people become poor people and their reason.  There are two casinos in Singapore, so, we need to teach the kids from young about gambling, the right and don’t dos.


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