My Feng Shui 2017

Date:  Jan 6, 2017

2017 is going to be a good year!  Huat ah!


Please remember when is the best day to start work for you.  I think I (Dog) will start work on Feb 4, 2017 (Saturday).  意思意思 go to office.  Dog and Dragon are in conflict.  So, what is not good for Dragon shall be very auspicious for Dog.  🙂  Rabbit and Horse are my good buddy, so, I will avoid going to office on Feb 3 (Avoid Rabbit) and Feb 6 (Avoid Horse) and Feb 10 (Avoid Dog).


Remember, Feb 3rd.  Bring your cash $$ and queue up to bank into the bank.

I got to remember for myself (Dog) – 9am to 1pm.  吉时吉日.


Since last year, I have “outsourced”my home Feng Shui decoration to Roselyn.  So, this year, I have arranged for her to come and “renew” all my Qi & Feng Shui in my home.

Last year, was suppose to be not a good year for “Dog”, and I myself have a troublesome legal case need to attend to.  So, I engaged Roselyn’s service to help me.  All the years, I have been doing it myself basing on Lilian Too’s magazine and yearly Feng Shui book.  I found it too much work, and sometimes, I might misinterprete the instructions.

After she has done the changes, I felt my luck has improved thru out last year.  The legal case has almost gone and gearing towards we are winning the case.  The business has changed a little and grown too.  The luck has improved indeed.  I think what she has done is to place the “permanent Feng Shui fix” for my place which I have overlooked since day 1.  I am always in “happy” state last year.  My kids are doing well in school.  They are well behaving.

I have donated out most of last year wealth to charity, my family and of course my wife.  This is because last year suppose to have lots of blood 血光之灾.  But I was strongly advised to 散财.  The alternative is to donate blood.  And thankfully there isn’t much accident, or sad things happened last year.

So, this year is the second year I have asked Roselyn to help me.  Again.  And of course, I really thank her for helping me last year.  Last year was one of the year where “Dog” has suffer lesser good luck and good fortune.  But some how I being a “Dog” has done quite OK last year.  Even the health is OK.  I have cleared my comprehensive medical check up with flying colours.  The only comment from the doctor is “Ken, keep on whatever you are doing.”


Today (Jan 6) is a good day.  大吉大利!


First thing to do.. is my lucky bag…


Block bad energies, boost luck, invite luck, etc etc.  A must to carry with you all the time.  If you feel very down, bring it along, and you might feel better.  haha


So, this is 2017’s Flying Star chart.

East is the study room.  I tis also the Three Killing star location.  But it is also the 偏财 (side business or 4D/Toto) location.  So, we need to protect here.

West needed to have protection too as the Grand Duke 太岁 is there.

South location need to be caution too.

South West is the illness Star.  So, you can ensure my Hu Lu will all be here.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 8.12.44 PM.png

Keep your floor plan handy.  And don’t forget to use a very good luo pan, or compass.  Find out all  the directions and locations.


Disclaimer:  This blog entry is not to teach you what to do.  It is I sharing with you what I have done to my home to boost my Feng Shui luck.  As I am not a Feng Shui master, so, I will seek help from Roselyn, and based on her experience, and understanding, she helped me to correct my luck and improve my opportunity.  So, please seek for Feng Shui master or Feng Shui practitioner’s help. If you are confident yourself, you can do it yourself too.

So, please do not ask me what to do.  Please do not tell me right or wrong.  In Feng Shui, there is no right or wrong.  There is only things that is make sense or does not make sense to do.  So, if you are oppose to Feng Shui, please skip this blog entry, will you?

Also, this blog entry helps me to remember where I place all my Feng Shui fix and things.

Here goes.

WEST Sector (3)

  1.  Tai Sui – Grand Duke – every year, the Grand duke is different.  There are a total of 60 Grand Duke taking turns to look after the world.  So, this year it is his turn.  So, last year’s Grand Duke has to be removed and threw away (in a red plastic bag).  Grand Duke appeared at the WEST side this year.


2.  Pi Xiu.  This is to protect the Xiang Sha Direction Killing Star.  And usually it goes in pair with the Grand Duke.  I reuse this from last year.  Since Grand Duke is different, so you can throw away the Grand Duke but keep the Pi Xiu for protection in this WEST sector.


3.  At the WEST sector, there is also a Conflict Star.  Usually, you placed RED BALL here to get rid of this conflict.  See how many red balls I placed here?  hahaha  Re-use both the red balls.


4.  In this sector, there are also the Zheng Cai Wealth Star.  This is where your “Salary” job.  So, you need to enhance this area, but not too loud enhancing because there are also the Grand Duke and Killing Star as well as the Conflict Star here too.  Roselyn suggest to place my  Ru Yi (with the dogs) here.  Not too loud, but suitable.  It also will enhance the Zheng Kui Ren Benefactor Star.  贵人.  Reuse this.


SOUTH Sector (5)

The Five Yellow Star (五黄) is here.  So, we need to fix here.  I keep the protection in my bedroom.  Partial of the bed room is south sector.  So, a 5 Element Pagoda will do the trick. So, you have to throw away last year pagoda.  And don’t forget to put a little bit of “good and prosperous” soil from your flow pots into the 5 Element Pagoda.  That will absorb all the bad energies inflict by the five yellow star.


My money bowl remains here.


SOUTH WEST (SW) Sector (7)

My bed is at the SW sector.  Which is the Bing Fu Illness Star located.  So, protect it with Hulu.  So, we placed the Hulu on both side tables beside the bed.


SOUTH EAST (SE)Sector (9)

Roselyn specially made this for me.  This is for future prosperity.  Very nice stones.  Got weight.

Let’s hang it at the South East sector of my bed room.


Not too bad.


Well protected.  Nice!


NORTH EAST (NE) Sector (4)

The education and romance sector.

The Wen Chang Ta for Education.


In fact, I have more.  Another one placed behind Jay’s computer.


My educational Globe placed beside the Wen Chang Ta.



This is exactly where my dining table is.

The victory star is here.  Last year, was a Hu Lu.  So, throw away that.

Replace it with another Ru Yi.  A small one will do.


Let’s tie it to the dining table.  Good luck and good property!  Victory!!!


East Sector (8)

This is the 3-Killings (三煞) position.  This is our study room too.

So maximum protection here.

3-killings animal will be here to protect this sector.


since the prosperity star is here too.

So, my new edition money tree is here.


And I reuse my Guan Mao (官帽) here.


Park West Condo is a very strange condo.  Usually, Feng Shui people will not live here because of all these killing angles from other buildings from all over the place.

So, you need to use this to block it.  Block the poison arrows.

But my birth year and timing are able to allow me to stay in this location.  It is not conflict and I am happy.  When I am happy, my Qi will be strong.


Another one in the kids room to protect from the outside poison arrows.


NORTH (N) Sector

A yellow ball to enhance heavenly star.

IMG_2981 2.jpg


You cannot tell this is a Hu Lu right?  And the water keep flowing and ensuring the health.



At the romance sector.


At heavenly star.




Enhancing.  Future Prosperity.  South East.


Protecting.  Guard against the Robber Star.  At South West.


Another protection.


Hulu in the toilet.


Another Hulu in another toilet.


More protection.


one more at the living room.


More enhancement.


And there.


Always love these.


And the flutes.  Plus some of the permanent fix that I did not take photo of.


All Feng Shui protections are cleansed using Tan Xiang.


Old one needed to be washed too.


These goes into me and my wife wallet.


Don’t forget to pick up this calendar too.


Need to pick a few days for party.  Should be Ye Ye Sheng Ge during CNY.


OK.  Many Feng Shui Master will come up with their own version of Feng Shui.  Like this flying star chart is a bit different too.

Flying Star 2017.jpg

Choose the one you like to believe.

Once chosen, don’t look back.  Give faith to it.

It may go well, or it might go opposite your way.

Live with it.

Choose those that make sense to you.

Find a way to “satisfy” yourself.  Make yourself happy.

Happy you, happy health.

Happy health, happy wealth.

Happy kids, happy wife, happy friends, happy happy thoughts.

happy thoughts surrounds you.  Happy you.

Be happy and stay happy!

Happy 2017.


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