Camera Gadget – Hyper Drive UDMA3 for Cameras


Date:  Dec 6, 2016

Finally, I unbox it.


I bought it from Memory World (Simlim Square) a few months ago.  Apparently it is one of the hottest items sold to photographers.  I have to reserve one unit and a few weeks later it came.


So, what it is?

And What does it do?


It is a hard disk.

Btw, it has a battery on it.

It has CF card slot, SD card slot, etc.  Can copy files from these storage cards.

It also have USB that can copy files from other hard disk or computer.

And it has a quite decent LCD screen.

And it has a WiFi.  Where you can launch Safari to access the files.

It can also connect to a WiFi network.

You can install a Hard disk or SSD.

And I am very sure you can connect to an iPhone.  (not verify yet).


So, when you travel.  You probably bring 1-2 cameras.  Your wife have camera.  And both have iPhone.  So, some times it is important to store these photos on a separate backup hard disk.

In the past, I usually keep everything on my iPad.  This time, I have a new method.


The Top view.  USB 2.0, On/Off switch and the CF card slot.


SDXC card slot on the left.


Another SDXC card slot on the right.  Together with USB 3.0, and a micro-USB charging port.


It is not a touch screen.  So, it has all the menu buttons.


It is one cool portable hard disk.  It is destine and produced by Sanho Corporation which located in Fremont California.  OK.  Made in USA.  With a nice organised English menu.


Why I like it???

Check this out.  “Incremental Import”.

This mean, every time you plug in the same SD card which you never re-format, it will skip  copy those files that has already imported before.



The only thing is, you will need to remember which directory to upload to.  So that it can do the incremental backup.  🙂


It is a simple hard disk.  So, if you forgot the directory name, then, bo-pian, your files get copied twice.  haha


Now, why photographers love it?

Check this out.  It can import RAW file.  And it can decode and prose the RAW file too.


Don’t play play.  It even comes with histogram.  hahaha


Let’s check it out.  I have already imported one SD card just now.

The menu button is quite nice to touch.  And it is quite responsive too.

Look at all the histograms.  And it will take few 100ms to load up.

It even has the zooming button too.

I can zoom the photo to check for clarity.  Not nice, then delete.


I love the zooming function.


Let’s pop in another SD card and import.

It even display how fast it import.  Quite cool.

It comes with a 2600mAh battery.  So, you can use those iPad 2.1A (10W) charger to charge thru micro USB.

If you don’t use the LCD too much, and it should have 2 hours battery life of continuous import function.


Overall, it is a nice gadget to have.  Christmas is coming, so, buy one for your significant other la…


And you can pass around to show the photos you taken.  And best, you can take the SD card from your friend and copy all onto it too.


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