Kay Kay First Day of School in P1

Date:  Jan 6, 2015

We have been waiting for this day for so long.  Finally, Kay Kay has entered Primary 1.

IMG 8881

There is no problem for him to wake up at 6am on the first day, because we slept 8pm the day before.  

By 6:10am, he already brushed up and eating his breakfast.

It shall become a daily (on weekday) routine for him.

IMG 8666

No problem wearing his own socks and shoes.

I think the bus air con will be a bit cold, so, we let him wear a jacket to school.

IMG 8674

He is quite small build.  So, we keep reminding him to eat more, to grow taller and fatter (not like his brother, moderate will do).

IMG 8677

Especially when he put on his bag at his back.  The bag is almost 1/2 of his weight may be (or lesser, 1/3).  So, when you got pushed by people it is easy to fall down.

IMG 8688

Here is a nice shot with his brother, Jay Jay.  Jay Jay will protect Kay Kay in school for the next 3 years.  But it is unlikely they will see each other during recess as the timing is different.  But to go to school together with his brother is one of the things he is looking forward to.

IMG 8706

Here come the bus.  This is Kay Kay’s first time taking School Bus to school. 

After picking up the boys, the school bus goes directly to school.  So, Kay Kay will be in school quite early.  So, he has plenty of time to do some reading.

IMG 8717

More students gradually came.  He is a bit shy on the first day.  So, you can imagine me and his brother trying at home to teach him how to break the ice with other classmates.  “I am Kay, what’s your name?” or “My name is Kay, what’s yours?”.  “Where do you stay?” “ Do you take bus to school?”  “ Which pre-school do you go to?”  It is great tactic and he actually follows.  The second days onwards, he comes home and tell story about “Grace” and “Wayne” whom he makes friend with.

IMG 8731

Kay is still shy talking to classmates.  But he tries chatting with teachers.  A good sign.

IMG 8740

Then. parents attending the talk on P1 matters, etc.  

IMG 8752

IMG 8843

And he survived the first day.  With no problem.  Very excited.  A bit too shy to talk to classmates.  Give him some times, he will become the same Kay we knew in K2.

IMG 8878

A very happy kid coming back from the school bus.

IMG 8902

Very happy indeed.  The first day of his P1.  He is going to spent the next 6 years here.

IMG 8903

Day 2.

IMG 8918

So, same routine.  Read books and wait for others to come.

IMG 8922

Jay and his prefects friends all have been tasked to look after the P1 during assembly time.  Make sure every one take out books and read.

IMG 8936

In fact, there will be 4 prefects (Brayden not in photo), Jay, Lukas and Aiden who will be looking after Kay Kay in school.  These are his playmates since Lorna Whiston day.

IMG 8942

Day 2, Kay is still shy in front of his classmates.  But he is starting to get more familiar with the teacher.

IMG 8947

National songs and pledges.

IMG 8952

Time out, so, need to talk to him and encourage him to interact more with other classmates.

IMG 8989

And there he goes along with his class back to their class room.  May the force be with you!

Well, I said it way too early.  An incident happened.

Kay was playing with a P1 girl from another class at the Bus waiting area.  The girl keep pulling his bag, and he asked the girl not to do that.  And the girl not happy and kick his leg.  And the next thing you know, he fell down to the floor face down.  And hurt his nose, and cause some nose bleed.  Poor kid.

IMG 9007

Jay uses a slightly strong word, i.e. “bully”.  But I think we have to teach the kid the right way of dealing with this.

1) He was playing with the girl.  So, they were playing and accident might happen.

2) Some students they need to learn,  If you ask them to stop and they do not listen, they need time to learn how to listen.

3) Especially when Kay fell down, and the girl saw the nose bleed.  Imagine how the girl feels.  She might feel terrible.  So, she might not foresee this happening, but I am sure it scare her a lot seeing the blood.  It might have a chance that the girl will never do this again, and will treat him well.

4) Teacher came and sort out the matters.  And teacher has already recorded down the other student (the girl’s name).  So, adults know about it.

5) Students will need to sort this out among themselves too.

6) The girl still take the same school bus every day, so, Kay will still see the girl.  So, I asked Kay to say Hi the next day when he sees her.  And encourage her to continue to play with her.  Tell him that accident happens.

7)  And I communicate with the form teacher, and asked the form teacher to talk to Kay as well to award him a “star”.

So, Kay received a medal +1 point for Bravery.  Thanks Mrs. Woon for awarding him that.

IMG 9104

So you can imagine his face when he reads the word “Bravery”.  Makes him proud too.

IMG 9102

He is so happy although the bruises actually take form today.  Become darker colour.   

IMG 9075

Some more can teach people to play chopstick in his Taekwondo class.  Hahaha

IMG 9074

After yesterday incident, already recover become happy boy.

IMG 9081

Oh ya… we received Kay’s year book.  You can tell he is very happy kid.  Enjoy!

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