Maid Support

Date:  Jan 8, 2016

During the absence of our Domestic helper (Dec 22, 2015 until Jan 5, 2016), we have two maid support.  “Maid Support” I guess means the person who support the Domestic Helper.

They learned how to spin the mob and make sure the floor is clean.

 IMG 8231

Older kids can start learning how to wash dishes.

IMG 7760

So, they will be tasked to do rice dumplings “Tang Yuan”.

IMG 7636

Look at my BB-8 Tang Yuan.

IMG 7643

One day, we teach Jay Jay how to cook.  So, he cook the Japanese Curry (errr… the beef is quite hard), Stir fried beef capsicum (which is quite nice) and steam tofu.

IMG 8257

In the morning, Jay Jay will fried eggs for us.  

IMG 8262

Not too bad.

IMG 8263

The second day, we have even better, improved breakfast.

IMG 8278

He tried cooking scramble eggs too.

IMG 8279

Jay Jay is 10 years old this year.  So, it is a good time for him to learn how to cook.

Of course the food are simple food.  All materials are pre-cut for him.  All he needs to do is to turn on the stove, heat it up, and stir fry or cook it.

It is a good start.

And the whole family enjoys his food.  Those that is not edible, we will slow cook it for another 1 hour for next day.

Of course, they will also task to prepare their washed cloths.  Sort it out and place it in the correct cupboard, and so on.

The two boys has grown up and happily accepted their tasks to help out.

And we survive that two weeks plus without domestic helper at home.  Cool!

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