Gadget Notes – Nomad Apple Watch Battery Charger

Date:  Jan 11, 2016

Ever since June last year until now, Apple Watch is on my wrist daily.  It has become my fitness device, my watch and social media notification device.  I don’t use a lot of apps on it at all.

IMG 9311

So far I am very please with it.

The only thing that I am not so happy with is the Apple Charging cable.

It’s long and ugly.

And I am so reluctant to bring another “lose” cable in my bag along.  I already have one lightning cable, so I should not need another cable.

IMG 9301

So, what is my solution?

Yes, Nomad Pod Charger for Apple Watch, solve it all.

IMG 9314

This is the Nomad Pod Charger.  It looks like a ice hockey puck.   (Of course, you can remove the USB cable).

IMG 9303

There is a USB port inside for you to plug your Apple Watch charger in it.

IMG 9304

Then, you start coiling the cable.

IMG 9305

Until like this.  And place the charging pad nicely fit into the holder provided.

IMG 9307

Then, cover it.  The cover is magnetically attached.

IMG 9302

Then, simply placed your Apple Watch on top of it.  

IMG 9312

And it starts charging the Apple Watch.

WAIT NOW!  I have not plug in the power yet!  ??

Yes, this is a Portable Battery too.

Basically, you charge the Apple Watch without cable plug in.

When you plug in the cable, it will charge the Apple Watch and at the same time charges the battery.

Very cool product.

IMG 9313

It has the battery indicator.

IMG 9310

So, when I travel, I bring along this.  Usually I have a micro USB cable.  So, you can use the iPhone power adapter to charge this.

And I don’t have to deal with the ugly cable.

IMG 9317

Unique selling point.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 6 47 08 PM

I bought it at US$59.95, now I just check, it is on sales.  They ship it to Singapore too.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 6 47 20 PM

Here are the specs.

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 6 47 35 PM

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