The Mighty Duct Tape (Speed Tape)

Date:  Jan 14, 2015

It is often mistaken as a “duct tape”.  But it looks very shinny.  

Yesterday, we came home on this Jetstar plane.  And to our surprise, we saw this!

Duct tape!

For don’t know what reason, Jetstar actually uses the duct tape to path the engine/turbine together.  Seems like it.

Indeed looks very very scary.

But we arrived home from Hong Kong to Singapore safely.

The ride is very smooth.  Should we thank the duct tape?

IMG 0075

Today, I get the chance to search on the Internet – keyword “Jetstar duct tape” …

And I found this video.


WOW!  Jetstar!!!!!!!!!  Why????? Always use duct tape to repair your airplane?

Wait now…

Let’s search “Budget Airline duct tape”

So, it is not only Jetstar.  This is EasyJet.  But they have explained why they need to use this.  It is not a duct tape.  It is called a “Speed Tape”.  It is a common thing in airlines industries.


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Tiger Airline not too bad.  Use duct tape to stick the windows back.  Make it more firm.


AbyOjQ8 700b

Cebu Airline fix a bit minor problem using duct tape.


Cebu Pac Duct Tape Post 1

OK.  Wait now….

Let’s try to search “Singapore Airlines duct tape”

And… Singapore Airlines also uses it.

The airlines engineers knows that they doing.

Of course they have calculated all the odds and making sure that the plane flight is safety.

Using duct tape or speed tape to repair the airplane is acceptable.

Wrong use of duct tape o 271806

It can be used to repair boat too.


And cars too.


Something to think about.  hahahahaha

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