2016 Target – Self Learning

Date:  Jan 16, 2016

In school, teacher’s job is to teach the students knowledge.

At home, I think parent’s job is to teach the kid to become independent.

Yeah!  No longer I need to produce the flash card for Jay Jay.

Starting this year, he has to do his own flash cards.

Me and him agreed that flash cards for learning Chinese is useful.

So, this year, we are going to continue using this method not only to learn Chinese, he will write down study notes for Science and English on the flash cards too.

IMG 9422

At the same time, I can teach him penmanship.  Like write the Chinese word in the centre.  

Use the Chinese brush to write.

Slowly increase the strength on the strokes.

This kind of opportunity is very rare and I felt I need Jay Jay to learn it.

IMG 9423

For the Chinese one is very simple.  Simply write down the 必读字 and 笔写字 from the text book.  

IMG 9424

I also made Kay Kay to stick around to see what his brother is learning and doing.  The same thing will apply to him 2-3 years later.

IMG 9430

I also have a chance to teach him all other things.  Such as

大西洋, 太平洋, 印度洋, etc.  Some of the Oceans names.

航海 VS 航空.  Where can you use some of the characters.

IMG 9435

His spelling list.  One of the benefit is you can always bring out the cards again to revise.  Instead of looking at the boring spelling list paper.  

You can shuffle the cards so you always have a different orders of the spelling list.

IMG 9497

He further improve this.  By writing another card that has words he first time learned and can’t remember.  (the yellow one).

IMG 9499

So, he is now learning more and more self learning tools to make him learn things on his own at his own pace.

So far we are very please with his own self learning ability.  We don’t have to tell him what to do, he will finish his homework promptly without reminding him.

He is actually very proud of this.  🙂

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