Smart Nation Goal – Robotics Kids

Date:  Jan 19, 2016

Programming is to learn how to solve problem.

I strongly believe that if the kids can learn how to solve problem thru Robotics, he should be able to solve problems in a structured manner.

Anyway the government wanted the nation to become a smart nation, so, kids will have to learn how to program from young.

So last school holidays, I sent him to two Robotics camp.

This is Kay Kay with his exoskeleton amor programming using the EV3.

IMG 6389

Of course, he went to the camp together with his brother Jay Jay.

IMG 6391

They learned how to do team work and build the rocket ship.

IMG 6385

And all of them completed the Space Invention Camp.  This is Jay’s 3rd Space Camp.  And it is Kay’s first one.

IMG 6383

Then, when we come back from our vacation, we sent both kids to Lego Vs. Minecraft Robotics Camp.

Kay Kay learned how to program the Wedo robotics kids from Lego.  He is still young and he needs to go thru sometime to learn the concepts of programming using the Wedo.  He looks very happy!

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And his brother Jay will be programming the EV3.

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And he completed the course.

IMG 7830

All very happy learning how to program using Lego.

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This year, I finally managed to sent Kay Kay to WondersWork Robotics class.

He is the one who ask for it.  And we let him learn.

IMG 9216

He is actually learning Robotics lesson together with his brother Jay and Jay’s friend, Riyandi & Conrad.

IMG 9485

This is his robot dancer project when the sensor detected movement, the arms will move.

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