Learning Scratch

Date:  Mar 24, 2016

My latest toy came.  And Jay Jay finally felt interest to know what am I doing.

I am building a computer out from this.


I got my 7″ screen, as well as a touch screen.  I have all 3 versions of Raspberry Pi.


I even build a Lego casing.  Where you can place a portable battery.


And the next thing is to teach Jay Jay how to code.


As expected, he felt in love with Scratch.  Even eating breakfast he also wanted to learn.


Then, I got scolded by my friends on Facebook.  Asking me not to let him see on a small screen.  hahaha  Will spoil their eyes.  I think think think, it’s true also…


So, I moved both of them to the big screens.  They will do it on their computers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.07.20 AM.png

So, he is now learning how to build his first game.  A flappy Bat.  It is a flappy bird clone.

Then, of course, you ask mommy to test the game.


Of course mommy who is not a good gamer will complaint this and that… and then, Jay will improve the game play a bit user friendly.

After changing this and that, and it is finally playable.

Final touch, adding the score.  And he figured out how to do that.  Good job Jay Jay.

Folks, that’s how I “program” my first “Smart Nation” kid.  I think programming is important to the kids.  They need to learn how the games was written.  Not to be addicted to playing the games.  Hopefully they are addicted to write programs to solve problem.

Kay Kay starting this week will be promoting to the Leg Mindstorms EV3 class @ WonderWorks Liang Court.  🙂  Yeah!

This is the book Jay Jay learned his Scratch himself.


This is how the Scratch programming looks like.  It is similar to Lego Mindstorms EV3 programming.


You can run it from the http://scratch.mit.edu


Eventually, I want to teach him how to program the games using Python.  Another 2-3 years may be.





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