Class Photo

Date:  Mar 24, 2016

In my son school, all the class photos are taken by Parent Support Group (PSG).

This year, there is a new photographer in the PSG committee.  Jay & Kay’s mommy.

Of course, she is not professional, but she does know her camera well.


Usually, the school will block out 2-3 days for the class photo taking.  All the parents support group member are having fun organising the students for the class photos.


Not an easy job, but we did it.  And this traditions has been carried out for the past few years.  The PSG will collect the money, $8 for each students and then, print out the hard copies and those extra funding will be funding the children day’s celebrations where there are balloons, games, goodie bags and so on.

I also went to help out.  My job is to help to arrange the students according to heights and bring them to the photo taking stage.


There will be one serious photo.  Here is the prefects photos.  Jay Jay standing on the 9th from the right on second row.


And then, just for fun, students will be given props and disguise themselves.


And then one that is not so serious shot.


Here comes Jay Jay’s class.


Arranging the seats and the standing.


The proper class photo.

IMG_3408 (1).jpg

Wah… even Dart Vader also come out.  Their form teacher Mr. Liow bring out his own props.


This is Kay’s class.  Care 8.


Here comes the not so serious part.  Very fun!


And two morning, we spent times taking photos and we have met the entire school, all the teachers.  It’s fun.

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