Jay & Ukulele

Date:  Mar 24, 2016

This year in P4, Jay will start learning how to play a Ukulele.

We have Ukulele at home, and since they are young, I played and sing to them every night before they sleep using my Ukulele, and I am sure he is very familiar with it.

Jay himself also played with it occasionally.  Sometimes ago, I also teach him how to stroke the chords and make him sing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.34.47 AM.png

Somehow the ukulele he got from school are not so good, the strings are easily out of tune.  So, I am still thinking whether to let him bring my Ukulele to school or not, at least he does not need to tune the Ukulele so often.  I did give him a tuner to bring to school.  But it is very troublesome that every time he needs to tune his school ukulele.  And mine sounds nicer too.  hahahaha

This is the first songs he learned.  And the teacher has taught them how to sing this song.  Now, all the need to do is to learn how to play the chords.


As you know, both me and my wife are not good in music as we never seriously learned music in school.  But we know music is important to kids.  That is why we let Jay learn violin at young age, and then piano.  He picked up recorder and Er-Hu from school.  And now, I think he starts to enjoy playing Ukulele.  What do you think?

No need to be expert, but 1) be confident to sing, 2) even out of tune, still continue to sing, 3) be happy and enjoy the Ukulele.  That is all we want him to do.  Of course, I shared with him if he knows how to play music, Ukulele or even guitar next time, many girls will sit besides him and listen to him singing.  hahahahahaha



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