Apple Watch @ Apple Store

Date:  May 23, 2015

I consider myself an Apple fan boy.

But believe or not… last week was the first time I ever stepped into an Apple store.

Apple Store @ Chicago Michigan Ave.

20070513 Apple Store

The main topic is Apple Watch today.

Apple sells their Apple Watch like a normal Swiss Watch Store selling to their customer.

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When you walk into the store.  You book an appointment.  

The next available Apple staff with come to you and bring you to a special table where you can try it on.


The customer experience is fantastic.

IMG 2387

I admit I read a lot of reviews lately.

I initially was thinking not to buy it.

The reason is simple.  

I am using my Fitbit Charge HR.  I am happy with it.  Light weight, long lasting battery power.

My Pebble Time is also on its way.  Also long lasting battery power with Color E-Ink screen.

So, why do I need the Apple Watch?

I have been telling myself that over and over and over again.

But, after you stepped into the Apple Store, experience the watch yourself.  

Talking to the nice Apple Staff there.

It is just like magic.

IMG 2391

It fit nicely on my wrist.

Initially I think the strap is crap.  But once I put it on my hand.  Magically I fell in love with it.

IMG 2393

And the taptic engine was fantastic.  When you hear the heartbeat or the notification sound.  Nice!

IMG 2395

At first, when I saw it on the website, magazine, I thought it is too big or bulky.

Well, you have to put it on to your wrist then you can feel the weight is not that heavy at all.

My Tissot is even more heavier than Apple Watch.

Battery life of 1 day, its OK.

IMG 2396

It looks so smart wear it on my colleague’s wrist too.  hahaha

IMG 2403

This strap is amazing.  It can be tight, and it can be loosen.  And the magnetic just fit nicely.

IMG 2404

Of course, I cannot effort this.  > US$10K.

IMG 2389

OK.  After I went into the shop.  

After I experience the customer service.

After I put a few Apple Watch on my wrist.

It is almost instantly that I have decided I want it!

IMG 2392

And my friend is ordering one for me from Hong Kong.

Apple Watch, see you in 6 weeks time for the unboxing.  🙂

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