Xiaomi TVBox Mini in Chicago

Date:  May 23, 2015

This is my Xiaomi TVbox Mini.  It is a small box.  Easy to packed in luggage.  Have HDMI cable, Xiaomi TVBox Mini adapter, and remote control.  I just bring the whole box.

IMG 1990

When I reached IVY boutiqu Hotel in Chicago.  I unpacked the box, and plug it into the electrical outlet.  PRETTY NEAT!

IMG 2373

Now, in order to get it to work with the Hotel Internet.  You need to enable this option which is under the WiFi Network option in Settings.

This options allow the box to display POP UP web authentication page.  This is a new feature from Xiaomi.

IMG 2368

And as soon as I enable the above feature, the IVY hotel WiFi login page is displayed.  Key in the hotel WiFi login password.

IMG 2369

Let’s check the network.  And it works!  See that white HDMI cable line?  That connects to my Xiaomi TVbox Mini.

IMG 2370

Depends on where you are, some of the TV Movies App may not work.  For me in Chicago, most of the Geo Locked App does not work.

IMG 2469

One of the App that I am sure it will work is “Cartoon HD” app.  Although it carries a “Cartoon” word in its name, but it has all the latest TV and Movies show.

IMG 2470

And playing the show has no lag or buffering too.  It is fantastic!

IMG 2371

I watch “The Flash” and the “Arrows” in Chicago.  (latest episode of course).

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