Casse Croute @ Park West Condo

Date:  May 24, 2015

This guy, Patrick Heuberger taught me in class how to cook Steaks – the french way, and how to make fabulous potato mash.  

IMG 2521

He used to be the chef in Au Petite Salut, then, he open his restaurant Le Bristrot Du Sommelier.  Now, he came back to Singapore, and open a small restaurant Casse-Croute. 

IMG 2518

Guess what.  This restaurant is in Park West, where I stay.  So, it is just going down and eat dinner here.  hahaha

IMG 2896

Walk up the stair, is Casse-Croute.

IMG 2895

So, Patrick prepared wonderful dinner for us yesterday.  Casse-Croute is going to be take away model, where you can ta-bao from here.

The place is small, can house only less than 20 people inside.   So you may need to book the seats if you decided to come down for a meal.

IMG 2881

Italian tomatoes, celery roots, and the pork.  Fabulous.

IMG 2880

White Asparagus.  With Organic pouch egg.

IMG 2882

The wine is fantastic.  We order two bottle of this.

IMG 2883

Pepper corn pork!  Yeap.  Pork.

IMG 2884

The pork is really nice.

IMG 2890

Very nice.  The pepper corn.

IMG 2886

We also ordered the Pepper Corn Beef.  Tender and nice too.  

IMG 2887

The Pepper Corn beef.  Very beefy taste.

IMG 2892

Duck confit.

IMG 2888

How I miss eating in Le Bristrot Du Sommelier.  Now I can just walk downstairs and ta-bao and eat.  hahaha

IMG 2894

Lastly.  Very healthy saute Kayle.  Very healthy.  Nice.

IMG 2891

Every one is happy.  And I think I will be eating here quite often from now on.  Fabulous french food.  hahaha

IMG 2897

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