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Date:  May 24, 2015

I bought Kay Kay’s first IslaBikes in 2013.  http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2013/11/jay-his-new-bike-55kg-nia-unboxing.html

It was a CNOC 14, and it weight only 5.5KG.  At that time, Kay was about 14KG body weight.

IslaBikes provide the lightest weight for him to handle.  And in 30 minutes he is on two wheels.

IslaBikes:  http://www.islabikes.com/us/index.html

You can take a look at their website for more info about the bike.  

Kay Kay has grown much taller now.  And his weight has passed 18KG.

The CNOC 14 no longer suitable for him to cycle.

So, I asked my friend in US to buy a new 16” Wheel, CNOC 16 for him.  

IMG 2870

Although the box looks really big, but the actual packing weight is 7.9KG.

IMG 2898

Thanks to Mommy to pick up the bike from our friend in US.  And bring it back to Singapore in her last business trip to US.

IMG 2868

5.9KG is only 400g more heavier than CNOC 14. (14” Wheel)

IMG 2905

Let’s unbox it.

So, inside the box, there is a frame with wheels.  Plus a box for the pedals.

IMG 2908

There are simple instructions to put the pedals on.  Here you turn it anti-clockwise.  The other side is clockwise.

IMG 2914

Here is the bike.

IMG 2917

It is a much bigger bike.  Below one is CNOC 14, the old 14” wheel size bike.

IMG 2912

It stand much taller than the old one.

IMG 2910

I also compare it with Jay’s previous bike, Trek 16Jet.  This bike is about 2 – 3 times lighter than the 16Jet.  And it is about the same wheel size.

IMG 2919

In 5 minutes, he got used to this higher bike.

IMG 2937

Immediately in the afternoon, after we come back from Taekwondo, we are on the way to test drive the new bike.

IMG 3162

So far so good.  Taking the opportunity to teach them and remind them again and again on the road cycling rules.

IMG 3168

Then we cycle to the Canal there.

IMG 3173

The reason why I bought this bike for him is because, I serious don’t think a 15-16KG boy can handle a 15-16KG bike.  That is 1:1 ratio.

So, a bike that is slightly under 6KG, is just perfect for a 18KG Kay Kay today.

He does not need to spent a lot of effort to pedal.  There is no gear on this bike, but it is light enough so that it can be pedal fast.

IMG 3179

Jay’s bicycle is like a mountain bike with gears and suspension.  It’s heavy.  But 45KG Jay sure can handle it.

Kay’s bicycle has no gear.  Just a bicycle.

IMG 3180

We did a 10KM ride today effortlessly.

IMG 3175

Kay loves his Islabike.


  1. Hi, I was looking for an Islabike for my girl and stumbled upon your post. My girl is 16kg and 104cm. Using Kay as a gauge, do you think a 14 inch or 16 inch CNOC will suit her better? She is learning to cycle and can already cycle a few meters on her current 2-wheeler, except that it is so heavy that she can't push off on her own.

  2. I'm looking for a paddle bike after after my son enjoying so much on his firstbike for 2 years. If you going to sell your cnoc 14, Please let me know: dejourney(at)gmail.com

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