LWPS Sports Day 2014

Date:  Oct 6, 2014

Children’s Day is a special day for the kids.  Especially for Kay Kay.


He has just passed 5 years old birthday, and this is his 3.5 th year in Lorna Whiston Pre-School (i.e. K1).

He has grown up together with his friends.

He has grown up together with his teachers.

He has grown up together with his school.

Just like his koko (Jay).

This year, LWPS held the big sports day at the Tennis Court just across the road.  i.e. Winchester Tennis Arena.  They recently renovated the clay court and added in a few hard court.  Kay Kay will be starting his tennis lessons (introduction lessons) here too for a couple of weeks until year end.

IMG 1638

They called it “Healthy Me, Sporty Me 亲子运动会 LWPS Sports Day”.

IMG 1644

The kid has grown up, and happy as usual.


He is in Frangipani class this year.  So, he and his classmates are ready to race for Frangipani class.

IMG 1639

Just like a real sport event, the selected kids (usually K2’s) get to carry the Singapore Flag and the LWPS flag.  


The children are well trained.  It really feels like you are in a real sport event.  Actually, this is also a real sport event, but its for the young kids.


Here comes the youngest PG class team.  Those who just turned 18 months (until 30 months are all in here).  Of course, parents gets to stand and walk beside them.  HaHa…


After N1, N2…. Finally, the K1 class Frangipani is in action.  Marching to show us all the athletics.

Audience claps there hands…


In the next Video… The marching of Fragipani class.

OK.  Very interestingly, Chen Lao-Shi, being one of the MC of the Sports Day, speaks Mandarin.  (Not sure what happen to the English MC, Ms. Joy at that time).  So, pity for some of the non-Chinese parents, may not have any clue what Chen Lao-Shi is talking.  HaHaHa…

As this is a group sport event.  

So, before any competition, all the athletics must do work out and warm up before the race.

So, let’s do a Zumba dance.  And the kids follow the music and do the Zumba in front of all the parents.  

Wow… It is very amazing feeling.

Parents are so happy to see all their kids dance with the music.  But they did not know what is coming for them.


HaHa… The teacher is doing demo.  How to dance the Zumba.


All these parents (including me) over the other side of the Net, do not know what is coming for us.  HaHaHa…


HaHaHa… This is not a sports day only for the children, it also includes the parents.

IMG 1645

HaHaHa… So parents!  Let’s Zumba.

The teachers started to call to all the parents.  Those that familiar with the teachers, all got called.

So, cannot escape liao.

All have to go down.

(I wonder who shot this video, and why she did not dance Zumba??  HaHaHa… You know who you are, thanks for the video sharing!)

I like how Shawn (the man in green T-shirts), ABC’s daddy dance.  Very elegantly.  HaHaHaHa. 

No wonder Kay Kay laugh until like that watching his parent dance Zumba.  HaHa…


Next is the performance from the K1/K2 class.


For the past few weeks, Kay Kay always dance and sing the song lyrics “H.E.R.O 你是我的 Hero!” and I thought it was a song from their year end concert.


Kay Kay was having lots of fun here together with his classmates and the K2 students.

H.E.R.O 你是我的 Hero!

My Kay Kay has grown up indeed.  He has learned how to participate in performance and I think he did it very very well.  HaHaHaHa.

Let the race begin.


It’s Kay Kay’s turn.


So, the kid has to jump jump jump, then, crawl crawl crawl, then, switch ball position, and roll roll roll.  Sounds very complicated.

Let’s take a look at the video.  It is fun to watch the kids.  All have been well train to perform these motor skills.

These 4 kids were in the same school same class for 4-5 years too.  They were there to watch their brother play.


While they were they, they also play with our uncle Rusli.  Chasing and then now badminton.

IMG 1676

Jay Jay were pretty cool too playing the badminton with uncle Rusli.

Mean while, all the daddy are ready for the Mom/Dad and Kid games.

IMG 1686

Thank you Chester for taking all these great shots!

Jayden’s daddy skipping.

IMG 1689

After doing the Penguin walk, the kid will do the crawling, and the daddy/mommy will do the skipping.  Gwen and Daddy in action.

IMG 1692

Skipping is no joke man…

IMG 1694

Then, you have to pass the ball back and forth with the kids (at least 3 times) and then, throw it into the basket.

IMG 1691

After that, you piggy back the kid to the finishing line.  Hard work indeed.

IMG 1688

To save time, this is how you should piggy back the kid.

IMG 1690

It’s medals time.

IMG 1652

Who will win the No. 1?

IMG 1666

The kids sit there silently and watching all the medals distributed out.


Finally, it’s their’s turn.  The got No.1 in K1 group.


Yeah Frangipany!


Kay Kay was happy indeed.  He was also tired.

Here taking a photo with Kang Lao-Shi.

Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 1698

After that, I brought the kids to bowling.  Jay has a bowling class to attend.

IMG 1705

It was Sports Day for Kay Kay.  So, mind as well do more sports on the Sports Day!

Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 1741

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