Kids Learning Programming

Date:  Oct 7, 2014

Yes, I know, tomorrow is Jay Jay’s English SA test.

I think he has done a lot of preparation, and I don’t think I should stress him more…

So, it is time for some relaxing.

To clear his mind.

Today is education night for iPad.  So, I downloaded a few new games that teaches computer programming.

One of it is called “Lightbot Jr 4+ Coding Puzzles”

And it is an amazing game.

Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 50 49 pm

This is for kids to learn how to do programming.  

Very simple.  To program the lightbot to move, turn and jump and light up the blue square.  Very simple objective but teaching the kids on writing or programming the instructions.

IMG 0222

Even my Kay Kay also know how to play the game.  Program the lightbot to do things we want it to do.

IMG 0224

Here is one of the puzzle.  See how Kay Kay easily figure out a solution for the lightbot to move forward, jump or turn to light up the blue squares.

What so interesting is… when you are repeating doing a certain repetition steps, you can group those steps into a function() or procedure().  And you can shorted your Main() code by calling these function() or procedure().

IMG 0228

So, in this example, you know that you are doing the “moving forward 4 steps and turn left” 2 times.  So, you make it into a procedure() and call two times this procedure().

IMG 0229

I have downloaded a few “programming” or “coding” games.

The kids love to play “Daisy the Dino” too.  

When Jay look at “Hopscotch”, he immediately recognise it as the same as “Lego Mindstorms EV3” programming. 

Do try out Codea, Kodable Class & Tynker too.  All the same time of game.

IMG 0230

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