Bowling – The 3rd Lesson

Date:  Oct 4, 2014

It’s Children’s day off for both the kids.  

Father & sons end up at the Bowling alley.

IMG 1705

Today is Jay Jay’s 3rd lesson.

Here are some of the best shot of the day.  OK.  Of course, he has a lot of gutter shots.  But we don’t want him to remember those, ya?  Only post those good shots.  To show that “Hey son!  You can make such impressive shot.  So, it is POSSIBLE.  Not impossible to do it, right?  It just needs more practice.”

He now learns 2 steps bowling.  No longer stand there and throw the bowl.

His ball still hooks to the left, which is good.  But the aiming sometimes is a bit off.

2 steps bowling.

There are many sports he can do.  I purposely added this into his weekly activities because to take advantage of his huge body build.  He can carry and handle a 8 lbs ball with no problem.  So, by learning bowling, can refine his motor skills, and yet learn another sport that he might came across when he grew up.  Most importantly to build up his self confidence.

It is very important to build that self confidence or self esteem for your kids.  If we can boost a little bit of this self esteem, it will eventually help him to become a better person.  It will add life into his social circle.  These are “super powers” the kids need to have.  

Back to the video…

This release is a bit wrong.. as the ball does not hook.

Mean while, I have to play with the young Kay Kay.  

This week, I noticed that he can handle the ball with much confidence.

IMG 1738

He now can throw a bit further.  Means he has gain strength.

IMG 1739

He still put his middle and 4th fingers into the ball and start rolling with the correct strength.

IMG 1741

It is getting harder to beat their combine scores now.  You have too have couple of Strikes and Spares to do so…

But Father & Sons enjoys the game very much.

Happy Children’s Day!

IMG 1747

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