Hangman & Sight Words

Date:  Sep 27, 2014


Name of game:        Hangman

Number of Players:  2

Duration:                   2-10 minutes per game

Learning:                   Sight Words (3 alphabets)

Kay Kay just learned how to play hangman.

Let’s play a few games with him.

IMG 1449

The Props

A white board.

A market pen.

A plastic box to write your answer.  i.e.  The word to guess is “ANT” (marked red on the box)

A market pen eraser.

IMG 1443

Additional Props

For children who are < 7 years old.  You can allow them to go refer the Sight Words cards.

IMG 1452

The Game

1.  Choose the 3-letters sight word.  Write the answer on the plastic box.

IMG 1450

2.  Let the kid guess a letter.  If the guess is correct, right it down.  If the guess is wrong, draw hangman.

IMG 1448

3.  You can draw the hangman just like that.


4.  He is just a kid.  Make sure let them use the sight words card.

IMG 1455

5.  Can play for hours.

IMG 1456

6.  Kay loves it.  I never play with Jay before.  HaHaHa  It is a nice game.  And kids can learn at the same time.

IMG 1457

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