Cavalia – Nice Show!

Date:  Aug 15, 2014

No doubt Cabalia is #1 biggest acrobatic show in Singapore now.  Everybody is blogging it.

Of course, how can the we miss it.  🙂

The tents were set up just beside Marina Bay Sands.  So, park your car at the hotel or MBS to save a lot of foot steps.

IMG 8835

The first tent you go into is the place where you buy souvenir and food.

The horse soft toy feels and quality is so nice.  Both of them shall have a new soft toys at home.

IMG 8850

The show is not a circus show.  It is a show about horses, and acrobats.

IMG 8855

The funniest thing in this show is… Fuji Xerox is the sponsor.  And they get to sell or display their “Stallion”, a huge printer inside this tent.  

What?  Who will buy a printer when they come to see a show?  Interesting mix.

IMG 8857

And of course, Standard Chartered Bank offers 10% discounts on tickets.

IMG 8859

The boys are enjoying their new soft toys.  And Kay Kay keep combing its hair.

IMG 8861

OK.  This is the seating inside the tent.  

1.  The seats are quite tight.  Means, every one going to squeeze together to watch the show.

2.  Since every one is going to sit right up to watch the show, for shorter kids, you will need to sit him on your laps to watch the show.

3.  I did not see any booster seat been given.

4.  When you are late for the show, you going to wait until each performance end, then, the usher will bring you in.  You can’t just walk into the seats in the middle of the performance.  So make sure you clear your bladder before you come in.

5.  For the whole first half.  It is interesting to see “There is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE take out their camera or smart phones shooting the show”.  This is interesting.  This is the first time I enjoy the show in the ABSOLUTELY BLACK in front of me.  At least the 8 rows in front of me, there is no annoying smart phone lights.

6.  May be is because they announce “NO CAMERA” “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”…

7.  But of course things changed, and in the second half, the show is too good, and every one start to take out their smart phones.

8.  The security came to warn them, stop them, but the audience just pretend keep the phone and then draw them out again.  hahaha

IMG 8919

This is the last scene, all the performers came out.  This is probably my first photo taken.  At the very end of the show.

IMG 8903

Here comes the horses.

IMG 8906

This is the ending stage.  And here is my comments about the show.

1.  Strongly recommend to bring kids to see.

2.  It is so refreshing, and entertaining.  The performances are great.  Breathetaking.

3.  There are some unexpected elements.  It is best not to see spoilers video, and then, add in the element of surprise.

4.  My two kids love is a lot and keep talking about it.

5.  My two kids love the only unique horse and they really keep talking about it.  Not going to tell you what, see it for yourself.

6.  It is something new, and we have never seen these kind of performance before, that is why it is very good.

7.  The row behind us, bought the ticket from Guam, and Australia, just came to Singapore to see the show.  That shows how good is this show.

8.  The singer is real life singing.

9.  The orchestra is real life performing behind the stage.

10.  The musing and the singing is truly amazing.  Nice.

11.  The dangerous act in the performance has risky elements, so, need to tell kids “Not to try this at home”.

12.  Overall, we love it!

IMG 8908


Watch the promotions videos to get an idea what is the show about.


Another promotional videos.


This is their another show in another place.  A bigger and nicer tents.  Watch this one to get an idea what is the show about.


Of course, blogger already blog a very detail descriptions of the performance with nice photos.  It is a media invite blog.

so as the

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