A White Board

Date: Mar 22, 2014

It is nice to have a white board at home. Actually tempted to buy a big one, but I don’t think there are any place I can hang the big white board.

Jay Jay has to write a journal this week about “My Dream/Ideal School”.

So, one morning, me and him was brainstorming about this topic.

I made him stand on a little stage in front, and talk about what he thinks he wants to write.

And once he had a pointer of two, he will write it down the main points on the board.

Kids can write good writing on the paper. When their writing posture is natural. But when you hand the board vertical, they will have some problem. Wahahaha. Look at the writings. hahaha

But the main point is to make him think what he wants to write. Make him speak out. Make him write pointers on the white board. And then, look at the white board pointers he wrote, reverse engineering, tell me what he wants to write.

I found that this method is quite good, and he enjoys it very much.

“Now Jay, go to the stage and tell me what you want to write!”

Then, he will jump to the stage (a small area designated to be the stage area) and tell me what he wants to write.

By keeping notes on the white board, and repeating what he wants to write for so many times, he become more and more comfortable writing his Journal.

Also, parental guidance is important at this stage.

“I wish the school have a more longer recess time?”

No Jay! You cannot say that! Teacher may deduct marks. Because school is a learning place for you to learn, so you cannot ask the school to give you more playing times.

HaHaHa… It is thru these sort of learning, that the kid will learn a lot more about how to survive his school life. hahaha

OK. You can have iPad as a learning tool. But you cannot play games ya!

“Yes, only ‘play’ Education Games, right?”


It is very fun to teach your kids, and you can also learn a lot from such interactive sessions with your kids…

Actually, this is not an easy topic. You know what the kids really wants. And you know those things that they want cannot be realistic. Wahahaha.

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