Apple Keynote (Presentation Program)

Date: Mar 22, 2014

Jay is in Primary 2 nia.

And he has already know how to use Apple Keynote to present his Show and Tell.

The topic is “My Favorite Game”

So, he has chosen “Golf Game” as his favorite game.

At the same time, I asked him to lay his fingers correctly on the keyboard and try to remember where is every single key located.

“PaPa, why the ABC is not ordered properly on the keyboard?”

That is because, it ordered based on the frequency of use of each alphabet.

Jay learned a bit of typing by playing the typing game. So, he basically knows a bit of typing. So, I have emphasis to him that it is important to type properly.

He actually uses 3-4 minutes to type so little words. But it is a good start.
Proper and correct way of typing.

Using power point or Keynote is very simple for the kids.

For Primary 2, they only need to learn

1. Where to find photos they need. Drag it into the presentation page. From either Google’s “Images” gallery. Or from iPhoto.

2. They need to learn how to move the mouse, hold it, and drag to resize images.

3. They need to learn how to type the text. One or two liner is enough for his presentation.

He is very interested into computers.

A lot of emphasis in typing.

Like that, he uses almost 2 hours to complete his Show and Tell. HaHaHaHa…

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