Let Jay Jay Teach You How to Hit A Golf Ball

Date: March 22, 2014

For those newcomer for golf.

One of the simplest way of fixing your golf swing is as follow.

Learn from Jay Jay.

1. Addressing your ball. If you are using 7 iron, place the ball in the middle between the leg stands. And do not stand too far away from the ball.

Wait now, what is that thing under his arms pit?

Oh ya! Daddy place a towel there so that I can use my arms to hold it.

2. Once you have address the ball, then, slowly (not to slow) bring up the club, while your EYES still looking at the ball.

Make sure your arms are still holding the towel.

3. With your EYES still looking at the ball, bring the club to the maximum height without stretching too much of your left arm.

That is the time where you need to be like a pendulum, swing the opposite direction.

Make sure the towel still under your arm pit.

YES, NO CHICKEN WING here. With your right arm holding on to the towel, you right arm will not fly our and create the chicken wing.

4. Use a normal swing, not too hard, do not whack the ball, and let it be very natural swing down motion, while your EYES STILL KEEP LOOKING at the ball.

And the towel still under your arms pit.

5. Only after you hit the ball, then, slowly, your eyes can move to see where the ball going.

Note that even after you hit the ball, the towel still under your arm pit.

So, what will happen?

If you can do this, your ball will be straight. You might here a clear crisp PING sound hitting the sweet spot. And your ball will carry a longer distance.

This works for kids, and it works for adults too.

There is no need to swing the club fast, simply hit it will do.

Jay is working hard for tomorrow monthly medal games. 🙂

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