Lego Creativity

Date: March 22, 2014

Lego is an amazing toys.

It exists when I was 7 years old.

It still exist after so many years.

However, the way of playing Lego is very different from what we the old folks used to remember.

Playing Lego used to be fun, as you can used a lot of your own imaginations to build something that I want to build.

There should be no manual for you to refer to and you simply build your imaginations from scratch.

Just like this one. It is yellow and blue, but is it a Minion? May be not.

With a few fixes, using the same old Lego bricks, and without manual, and yes, you can build something that is similar to Minion. This one looks more like it ya?

The correct way of playing Lego is like this. As what the recent Lego movie says, you are the master builder. You can build almost everything.

PaPa… Look, an arrow.

So, inspired again by Lego, when I reach home, I take out all my loose pieces of Lego bricks and start using my imaginations to build.

And with both Jay & Kay watching the great master builder to build from raw bricks with NO MANUAL… I created this in 2 hours time.

A house model that can be open, or chop into half. To see the interior.

You can take off the roof top and see inside. Can you see the stairs and the day bed? How about the hanging lamp.

The way of building is also to test your ability to make it solid and firm.

So, who says you cannot build a helipad in your garden. There you go a helipad. So that we can place helicopter here.

By building in a hinge at the main building, you can open the house, and make it into different house configurations.

Then, you start to build satellite dish, car park, lamps, gates, shelters, and make your home an enjoyable one.

It is kind of cool.

I can lie down on the floor and look at every single details for half and hour.

So as the kids.

Now, you look at all the Lego models that your kids felt so proud to build. Have that same model being at the same place for more than a year?

If yes, I am saying that it is time to dismantle all these bricks and build multiple pool of large lego brick pools so that you can build some other things.

So, for us, this coming week, we are going to dissemble almost 60% of all our Lego sets. Bye bye to all the Lego Ninjago, Star Wars, City, and so on.

We are going to build more house, more roads and build it bigger.

It will make Lego playing more enjoyable.

So, my kids learn one thing all right from the Lego Movie. They can be a great Lego master builders too. All the need is more bricks more bricks. And where do they get the bricks? From all the set they have build.

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