Legoland Hotel & Water Park

Date:  Mar 21, 2014

If you have no where to go during a short school holiday, it is not a bad idea of bringing the kids to have a one night stay at the Legoland Hotel.


There is a separate road to go into the hotel.  It is before entering the Legoland car park area.

The hotel has their own car park area.  It is RM30 for a day parking.  I don’t think it is a good idea for the hotel to open the car park for outsiders.  If the car park is full, then those hotel guests will not be happy.  The hotel car park is designed quite bad.  The road is so narrow.  HaHaHa…

IMG 1831

Go down to LG2.  And you can see Legoland entrance from the car park.  1 min walking distance.  I look around, almost every car are Singapore plates.  HaHaHa…

IMG 1954

This is the hotel lobby area.  There a two big pool of lego bricks here for children to build their favourite lego models.  A lot means a lot, may be few hundred times of what I have?

IMG 1834

Arrow?  Or Pixel axe?

IMG 1844

Look at what I made, and powerful phaser gun!

IMG 1846

Kids can really spent hours and hours of their time here.  There are about 5-6 such Lego bricks stations for kids to build their Lego.

IMG 1860

More places for kids to enjoy.  There is even a huge projector Xbox there.

IMG 1958

Jay says, Minion does not look like this.

IMG 1961

So, let’s build another one.  Ya… even I enjoyed staying here and build it.

IMG 1965

This is the hotel reception area.  I think it is a very expensive wall.  

IMG 1842

Those are made of thousands of tiny Lego figurings. 


I booked the hotel stay from their web site.  The check in time is 4PM.  So, I came around 10AM.  Do all the registrations.  Around 3PM, they called my mobile phone to inform me that I can get my room.  That’s good service.


We stayed at room 102.

IMG 1863

Hey, there is a treasure chest in the room.

IMG 1882

How to open it?

IMG 1866

To open it, you must find all the answers for the clue sheets.

IMG 1864

No so difficult.  So, the combinations is 1-2-3-5

IMG 1867

And you get some toys & gifts.  Wow!  Cool!

IMG 1865

The master builders are in the work again.

IMG 1870

They also build this.  This duple sets are in the room.

IMG 1869

Kay loves his Lego gilt.

IMG 1886

The king size bed looks like a ship that has a sail.

IMG 1879

And the kids sleeps here.

IMG 1880

Overall the hotel room is ok.  There are enough bed for kids and adults to sleep.  The bed and pillows are not those Hyatt top quality one.  But can sleep.  The toilet comes with two washing basins.  One for kids and one for adult.  Cool.  No bath tub though.  So, simple and nice.  One of the greatest things is they have the Lego bricks in the room so that you can build in the room too.  The kids enjoy the treasure hunt.

Our room oversee the water park.  This water park seems nice.  Let’s check it out.

IMG 1884

Wave pool is a constant wave.  Not like Adventure Cove, but kids just love to dip in the water pool that has constant wave actions.


Kids playground looks similar to Adventure Cove.  But a lot of things to play.


Lazy River where you can sit on a float and float many rounds.  It is much shorter.  But the fun is a lot of floating bricks.


You can build the bricks while swimming…


There you go.


Or you can build it on your float.


There are a lot of sitting area for you to sit down.


There are a lot of water fun rides that even Kay Kay > 102cm can take.


He loves to take this ride.


Lovely.  And because it is not Malaysia school holidays yet, so there are much lesser people in the park.  And it is enjoyable where you do not need to queue up for long for your ride.


Jay Jay also enjoys it. 


So, water park is much smaller than the Adventure Cove on Sentosa Island.  But the rides are more friendly.  The people manning the ride is not as much as Adventure cove, and they are also much more flexible.  There are life guards all over the place, but I think Adventure cove has much more.  HaHaHa… Not a bad place to hang out under a hot sun.

So, because it is pouring.  So, we end up our Water Park fun early.  So, it is 4pm.  We checked into the hotel and after that we went to the Legoland Park.  The park open until 8pm.  So, that is the good thing to stay in the hotel, you can go to the park anytime you want.

Again, Jay Jay love to sit on this technique ride.  Very scary as described from mommy.


Again, Kay Kay can sit both the roller coasters.  And he love this Dragon roller coaster.

IMG 1995

He sits in this Dragon (tallest) roller coaster for 4 times.  Wahahaha.

IMG 1999

Take 1.

 IMG 2137

Take 2.

IMG 2139

A day earlier, he also sits in the small dragon roller coaster for 5 times.

IMG 2138

So, I am glad that I brought the kids there during Singapore school holidays and not so many kids are there because it is not Malaysia school holidays.

There Kay Kay sits in this junior Dragon for 5 times.

This is probably the first time Kay Kay enjoys so much about the roller coaster.

So, we also constantly remind Kay Kay that must eat a lot of veggies then can sit in other roller coaster.

IMG 1913

Can smile so nice.

IMG 1916

Let’s take some photos with the gals…

IMG 1972

After sitting so many times on the roller coasters… all these rides become “boring”.  hahaha

IMG 1924

Staying two days in Legoland gives you a lot of time to play a lot of things.  They build race cars.

IMG 1930

Watch the 4D movies.

IMG 1935

Play in the playground.  With shooting balls.

IMG 1979

Riding the cars again.

IMG 1977

Catch a magic show.


Fly airplane.

IMG 1941

Everything is so awesome!

IMG 2009

Oh yes.  Kids love the buffet food.  There is a kid station where both Jay and Kay keep going back and forth.  This is the reason.

IMG 1950

The buffet food is not so good, but the char kway tew is quite nice.  and the Satay too.

IMG 1952

Bring kids to Legoland around 5-9 years old is the best time.  Staying 1 night at the hotel also quite cool.

IMG 1849

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