Citizen on Patrol

Date:  March 20, 2014

Yesterday, mommy brought the kids out to join the COP (Citizen on Patrol).

Jay Jay & Kay Kay  went with Lukas & Family too.

IMG 2087

This walk is going to be a bit longer.  As we need to cover a longer path.  

IMG 2088

The young temporary law enforcers.  HaHaHa

IMG 2089

Let’s move out!

IMG 2091

For the last 1-2 weeks, the reported case has increased to 3.

Be alert.  It covers Jalan Lempeng, into the Faber area.  Across the AYE, the West Coast Rd Condo area too.

This post is on both side of AYE, from the bus stop to the residential area, at the junction of Jalan Lempeng too.  

IMG 2093

This is the police advise.  Yesterday, our job is to distribute this to all the jogger, people we saw coming back from the bus station, and whoever walking alone during that time.

IMG 2014

One of the victim’s news are on Yahoo.  Read this for the full story.

At the same time, there are also some break-in cases here at the Faber estates too.

Tonight some under cover police has some operations.  So, the Police officer says we have to wrapped up our COP so that we can let the other under cover police to do their job.

IMG 2096

Did you find any strange things?  Kay Kay?  

IMG 2099

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