Making Home Made Spinach Noodles

Date:  March 19, 2014

For those who wants to know where I bought this gadget, please see following link.

And now, the story of Spinach Noodle.  Yeah!

IMG 2054

Everyone wants to eat healthy food today.  Those noodles that you buy from the supermarket, or organic stores, how it was made?  Do they add in any preservative 防腐剂.  We all know all these preservative can contribute to cancer growing some how.  It is best to take lesser of it.

So, let’s make Spinach Noodle!

1.  You need Spinach.  Organic Spinach.  If it is not organic, then, wash it soak it clean it many times.

IMG 2017

2.  Put the spinach into the juicer.  Add in some water.  (some water).  Today, we are going to use 500g of flour, so we need 160ml of water or Spinach juice.  So, the water you add into your veggie cannot be too much.  Just add about 20-30ml water should be enough.  

3.  Then, juice the veggie.  For a minute or so.  (ignore the time in the video.  Just juice it under 1 minute will do).

This is how much of spinach you put.

IMG 2074

4.  Le’t juice it.

5.  Then, you need to restrain it.  We need pure spinach juice in liquid form.  You have to remove all the solids and residues.  Remove all those bubbles if any.

IMG 2015

6.  Your juice should look like this!

IMG 2020

7.  Thanks Jay!

IMG 2079

8.  My JoYoung noodle making machine.  Ain’t she a beauty?

IMG 2021

9.  Exactly 500g of plain flour.

IMG 2025

10.  Exactly 160ml of spinach juice.  (no solids, no residues, no bubble)

IMG 2028

11.  Turn on the noodle machine.  Slowly pour the spinach juice into the machine.  Do not leak those juice else where.  If you have wasted 1-2 drops, you need to add in those few drops of liquid back.  As you can see the mixer is mixing the flour inside.  (Video stopped because iPhone5S ran out of space… hahaha)

12.  The noodle eventually turn into light green colour.

IMG 2035

13.  It is pretty amazing.  The noodle machine mix it so well eventually.

14.  Then, the noodle comes out.  Remember to spread some flour on it.  In this video, it shows how to cut the noodle.

15.  The noodles looks so nice.  In green.  It is fresh home made Spinach noodles.

IMG 2051

16.  This video clips shows how the noodle machine auto stop.

17.  This is how much noodles made from 500g of flour.

IMG 2060

18.  After use, this is what it looks like.

IMG 2061

19.  Let’s see how to clean it.  So, when it dry, you can simply use a brush to brush all the flour away.  Do not rinse it under water before you remove all the flour away.  Otherwise it becomes very sticky.  So, after you use it, simply wait for it to dry.  When it dry, it shrink.  And when it shrink, it is easy to take it off.  Brush off all the flour and then, you rinse it and wash it with soup.  We going to make another 400g of flour.  Tonight got guest, so consumption of noodles is a lot.

20.   See can be very clean.

 IMG 2063

21.  There are needle tool to poke the holes too.

IMG 2065

22.  Now its my turn.  Cooking the noodle.  Add olive oil, add salt to boil the noodle.

IMG 2068

23.  2-3 minutes later.  Noodles are ready.

IMG 2070

24.  Add oil, sesame oil, soya sauce, salt, white pepper & abalone sauce and green onions.  Mix it well and serve.

IMG 2071

25.  Everyone looking at my picky son.  And Kay Kay’s verdict, “Very nice papa!”  HaHaHaHa…

IMG 2073


We let the kids try the second batch of noodle making.  They are having lots of fun!

IMG 2081


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