Cook with Ken: Pork Skin Pork Tail Pork Meat Stew

Date:  Jan 25, 2014

This is one of my favourite CNY dish this year.

Some thing simple to cook.

I called it Pork Skin Pork Tail Pork Meat Stew.  闷猪皮猪尾.

Two weeks ago, I ate this similar dish from my friend’s place.  Her mom cook this porky dish and I found it so quite nice.

IMG 8845

So, since today I need to cook for my CNY reunion dinner, so I asked her to find out from her mom how she cooked it.

Just want to make sure I did not miss out any major ingredient as I am going to do some modification to it.

IMG 8902

Let’s look at the ingredients.

1.  Pork skin.  I bought this from NTUC.  Very cheap.  50 cents nia.

IMG 8751

This is the first time I cook this.  So, let’s cut it this way.  Make it looks like a “cacing” (worms) shape.  HaHaHa.

IMG 8757

2.  Pork Tendons.  This one, you also can get it from NTUC.

IMG 8752

Cut it this way.

IMG 8758

3. Pig Tails.  Also available at NTUC.  

IMG 8753

4. Pork Twee Bak.  I used two packs.  About 800 grams like that. 

IMG 8754

5.  King Oyster mushroom.  1 pack.

IMG 8755

Cut it like that.

IMG 8770

6.  Mini King Oysters Musroom.

IMG 8756

7.  Some Onions.  Some carrots.  Some Garlics.

Let’s Cook it!

A.  This is the first time I cook such dish.  So, I only use my common sense to cook it.  May be wrong but it turn out OK.  Wahahaha.

Prepare a pot of hot boiling water.  Why?  Because when you cook things like pig skin, pig tail, you want to be 100% absolutely sure to kill all the germs before it goes into your cooking dish.  So, you need to rinse pig skin and pig tail in the water sort of to cook it a little.

IMG 8759

Let it boiled.  For 1-2 min inside.

IMG 8760

See.  You have to boiled it until it looks like this.  Look quite safe.  Then, you take out rinse it with cold water and put it aside.

IMG 8761

It looks cooked from the outside.  After a few minutes soak in the hot bath.

Take note that pig is one of the animal that eats almost everything.  So, you can imagine the bacterias resides within pigs.  So it is best to cook first before you throw it in to the main dish pot.

IMG 8766

B.  Next.  Put in some Japanese sesame oil.  Take a kitchen tissue and wipe the sesame oil all over the pot. 

I am using iCook pot, so, I cooked from cold.  So, no fire needed at this time, simply put all ingredients inside.

Then, place the onion inside.

IMG 8762

I bought this from Mediya at Liang Court.  It is a white sesame oil.  It is from Japan.  Quite nice the smell.  And the oil looks very pure and clean.

IMG 8764

C.  Let’s place in the twee bak.

IMG 8763

D.  Now put the carrots.  Just cut into chunks and place it there.

IMG 8765

E.  Next put the pig skin and pig tail into it.

IMG 8767

F.  The pork tendons.

IMG 8769

G.  Then, you throw in the mushrooms.

IMG 8775

Next, we need to make the “dark sauce”.   

IMG 8771

I use this brand of thick soya sauce.

IMG 8772

I also mix it with Hua Tiao Chinese Cooking Wine.  You can put more of this so that it taste much more better.

IMG 8773

H.  I almost forgot my garlics.

IMG 8777

I.  Oh, I also put in a pack of Pouched Spices.  If you cannot get this, then, simply prepare the 八角五香桂皮, etc.  To make it smell and taste nice.

IMG 8774

J.  This morning, I bought some Siu Bak (Roasted Pork) from the Tiong Bahru market.  I don’t like it.  Let’s throw them here.  Wahahaha

IMG 8778

K.  Some Abalone Sauce.

IMG 8779

L.  I use 2 packet of Chicken stocks from Swanson.

IMG 8781

M.  This is the stock or water level I placed.  Because the mushroom and others will shrink.  So, you don’t need to cover the water/soup so much.  

IMG 8782

As usual, iCook have amazing technology to make the pot cook to a very nice and tasty level.  So, small medium fire for 20 minutes, until the vapour seal is form and then, turn down the fire to the the vital lock (pressure) slow cooks it for 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

IMG 8785

For the 1st hour, if you happen to open the cover and taste it.  The soup is watery.

But as soon as it passed 1.5 hours to 2 hours, the soup becomes thicken, this is when the pig skin and tail start to pump the cologne into the soup.  And it tasted quite nice.  You do not have to put a lot of salt when you cook with iCook.  So, the taste is just nice after 2 hours.

IMG 8845

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