Jumping & Memorising

Date:  Jan 26, 2014

What is Jay Jay doing?  What is the piece of paper he is holding in his hand?

IMG 8894

And why I have a trampoline at home?

IMG 8908

He is holding this piece of paper.  Every wednesday, he has to memorise for his English spelling.

No joke about it.

Some of the words are hard for Jay Jay.

For example…  “Savoury” usually will be pronounced very fast which sounds like Safely.  Another example is “fierce” sounds like fears.  So, the phonics that they learned from school may not help them, and this is when they need to build their vocabulary using memorising.

IMG 8886

Look at the previous two weeks one.  And Yes, they now doing 10 sentences each week.  And some of the words are seldom used and hard, like “ferocious”, “slithered” and so on.

IMG 8621

It is unlike their Chinese word spelling, where you can memorised by writing and practising.

IMG 8624

So, I let him do this.  Jump on the trampoline, and then memorised those new words.

I actually learned this from his BrainFit class.  In BrainFit class, each week, the students will memorise some words by looking at a piece of paper sticked on the wall while jumping on the trampoline.

IMG 8892

It is said that from some research they found out that the humans are usually quite focus in remembering while doing the exercise.  They have run a few research and prove that.  That is why BrainFit is for.  So, let’s try and see how good this method is.  加油!Jay Jay!

IMG 8893

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