A Fun Golf Day

Date:  Jan 26, 2014

After learning golf golf for one year under teacher Veandhan @ Fairway club, I have decided to enrol Jay Jay in the Junior Golf program @ SICC.  So that he can play and learn with more junior players.  At the moment, there are 190 junior players enrolled in this Junior program.  Let’s see how it goes.  

I agreed with what the head coach says.  Don’t expect that the kid will do well if parents only sent them once a week to the lesson.  The more driving range he goes the better the player he will become.  That is the practice he needs.

The coaches here will be much tougher.  So, let’s see how he can become.

Today is the first day which is a Get Together and have fun day.

IMG 8989

So, we are playing at the Millennium Course (9 holes) here.  There are about 9 stations been set up for the kids to play.

IMG 8935

I also bring along Kay Kay so that he has a feel of what his brother is doing.

IMG 8911

This is Kay Kay first exposure to Golf.

IMG 8912

Let’s see how Jay Jay is doing!  Practise Swing.

IMG 8918

He can win a lot of prizes today, but first, he needs practise.  Here he putts!

IMG 8921

And I am impressed!  Whahahahaha

IMG 8922

Good long putt Jay!

IMG 8923

Mean while, Mommy is teaching Kay Kay how to chip.

IMG 8926

Let’s start the game!

Game No: 5, On the Green (2).

Coach Lim is watching young Jay Jay trying to hit the ball over the bunker.  Jay Jay has 3 chances, and if any of his ball can reach the green, he gets a price.

IMG 8936

And Wow!  I am impressed.  The little white ball just fly over the bunker and bite slightly after the edge there.  So, he won a prize for the.

By the way, he did it on his third try.

IMG 8938

Game Station No. 6.  Loft Chip into Circle.

Also on the third attempt, the ball roll slightly pass the white circle at the pin.  Cool!

IMG 8941

Yeah!  I got two presents.

IMG 8944

Now at Station 4.  Long Putt into Circle.

IMG 8945

Again, third putt into the circle.

IMG 8947

Station #7 – Mini Golf (1).  Why it is called Mini Golf, because the green is a sloped green, where he was giving 2 putts to get the ball in.

Because got slope, contestant must read the green properly, decide where to hit the ball to so to get the ball close enough to the pin.

IMG 8948

And again, third attempt.  He hit the ball near to pin, and sink it!  Yet another prize.

IMG 8950

Now is station #2.  Short Putt.  

And he sink in on his second attempt.

IMG 8951

I think he really enjoy the games up to so far.

IMG 8953

Station #1.  90meter away.  He needs to put the ball on the green.  So, because he is still beginner, so he still needs to develop more strength, he used his giant driver.

IMG 8954

And all three driver shots missed the green.  

The first time that he did not won a ticket.  Wahahaha.

IMG 8975

Station 7.  Throw the ball to hit the target so that Coach Joshua can sink into the dunk pool.  

He is too heavy so that no one can hit it.  

Later Jay go and push the target hard so to win a prize here too.

IMG 8977

Station 8.  mini Golf (2).  Another hill challenge.

IMG 8979

And he also sink this one into the hole in 2 putts.

IMG 8980

And how many prizes he had?

IMG 8982

Almost all.  Except for the driver.

IMG 8983

And he kept all his winning prizes there at his cap.

IMG 8985

Yeah!  I completed the course.

IMG 8987

And here is the V for victory pose.

Sorry!  I ate the free ice cream and forgot to wipe my mouth.

IMG 8990

Here I collects my prizes.

IMG 8993

Wow this is no joke prizes.  Ashworth sling bag, Taylor Made Golf Shoe bag, and many prizes.  Worth it!

IMG 8995

After the 2 hours spending on the golf course, its time to eat and drink something and listen to the Coaches what they have to say.  

Wow, it is a very serious parent and coaches talk session.  Feedback was given, and info was given on how to improve the Junior Golf lesson and so on.

IMG 8999

Jay, do you hear that?  

Coaches says must practise more to become better!  

That concludes the first meet.  For the next 12 weeks (Term 1), he is going to spent time learning more golfing techniques.  May all the force be with ya!

IMG 9001

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