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Date:  Jan 26, 2014

The App I am recommending is called “Blinkist”.  

It is an iPhone app.  

So, what so special about this app?

In my opinion, this app is for those people English not very good, and has no patience to read thru few hundreds pages for a single book.

Blinkist is a sort of E-Book collections.

But it is not the full book.

The group of readers actually summarise the book for you into chapters and pointers and summary.

IMG 0085

For example… I wanted to read this book “The Presentation Secret of Steve Jobs:  How to Be Insanely Great in Presentation”.

But it is 256 pages.

You have no time, no patience to read the whole book.

IMG 0073

So, it summarise the outline for you, and you can read the “essence” of this book in 18 minutes.

IMG 0077

So Blinkist summarise the outline for you into 12 chapters.  Here are the chapters.

IMG 0074

It gives you some information about the author, and the audience that this book is intended for.

IMG 0078

Just like iBook, when you read it, you can highlight the text.

IMG 0079

Here are some more pages.

IMG 0080

The last chapter is always the Final Summary.

IMG 0076

Let’s look at the summary.  Yeap, it does gives you the summary of the concepts of this book.

IMG 0082

More summary.

IMG 0083

After you have read it, and you think you want to read the whole book, there is this option for you to but the eBook.  And this will take you right into the iBook store.

IMG 0072

They do not have a lot of books.  

All the books are non-fiction books.

So, it is a good collection of books to make you productive, make you healthy, teach you politics and how to do business, and so on.

IMG 0089

The categories.

IMG 0090

Hey, I found another book that I wanted to read.

It will takes 12 minutes for me to finish this outline.

IMG 0093

Quite cool to read The Art of War’s summary in English.  

IMG 0095

The fact that the outline or summary is so short encourage you to read.  

This is just like last time reading the “Study Guide Book”.

IMG 0099

Here are the key message of The Art of War…

IMG 0102

More summary of the Art of War.

IMG 0103

Again, clicking to buy the eBook will bring you to iBook.

Hey, The Art of War is FREE.

IMG 0104

And you can start reading the original ebook after you think it is worth to read, and there are some ideas you think it is good for you to pick up.

IMG 0105

The app is free.  However, it only allows you to read I think 3 days.  After that, you cannot read any more.  But you can subscribe to its service.  I think $4.99/month and $49/year like that.  

For example, the Steve Job book cost about $17.99.  So, if you can read more than 12 books, I am very sure that you will get your money back.  Wahahaha.

I love this app, because I don’t usually read finish thick books.  But I like to learn the ideas and things from the books.   

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