CNY 2014 Reunion Dinner

Date:  Jan 25, 2014

As soon as Jay Jay started his primary school we no longer cook our reunion dinner on the CNY eve.  Instead we will do a week before so that all the families including my sister’s family can join in the fun!

Of course, on the actual CNY eve, I will always fly to Setiawan to celebrate with my wife’s family.  And be back on the second day of CNY.  As Jay Jay need to go school.  No longer we can stay long in Setiawan to enjoy food and relax.  But I guess that is life for family who has kids in primary school.    


We always love the big CNY celebrations.

IMG 5272

The first row on the floor are mostly girls who has grown into teenaged.  

The last row are mostly boys and has grown up very fast too.  

IMG 5276

My elder sister – Betty & her family.  

IMG 5285

Christine & her family.

IMG 5299

The creative Kevin & his family.  Dig out all my ukuleles and snap this photo.

IMG 5324

And of course, my family.

IMG 5331


I am very proud of myself.  Wahahahaha.

Because I cook ALL these (see picture below) CNY dishes in my little kitchen.

At one point, I recall I used 2 of these portable gas stove, plus 3 of my kitchen gas stove, where I am cooking 5 dishes at a time.  Wahahaha.

  IMG 8785

Luckily I did not go to Jakarta.  So that I can do my marketing in the morning.  And believe it or not, we start doing the marketing until 1pm.  Drive here and there to buy all the ingredients.  Of course, sending Jay to his Saturday enrichment class too.

Here is the original menu, after I have done the marketing.  Yes, I only decide these dishes around 2pm.  Wahahahaha

So, at the end of that day, I added in a Jinseng Chicken, remove the green beans and Steaks.  As I think there are too much food.  Wahahaha.


IMG 8784

Today, going to steam this 七星斑.

IMG 8741

Fresh and live fish.  So, steam it is the best.  Under the fish, I place some clams there.  So to make it sweet.

Also, the fat pork bacon slice cover the fish, so that the pork lard can add in the fantastic taste.

Ginger slices, fresh parsley, some soya sauce, sesame sauce and sent them into the steamer.  

(oh no… I forgot to put Toufu!)

IMG 8859

Use the iCook pan.  Wipe a layer of sesame oil.  Place these Japanese scallops nicely on the pan.  Place the green broccoli beside it.  A bit of Japanese 昆布 soya sauce. And then, cook it.  10 minutes later, when the vapour seals is form, turn the fire into small fire.  Cook for another 5 minutes, and there you go, a tasty Broccoli scallops.  Easy to cook!  Then, you arrange the scallops and broccoli nicely just like how it is served in the restaurant.

IMG 8852

Use the iCook pot.  A bit of cooking wine.  A bit of ginger slices.  Small medium fire.  When the vapour seal is formed.  turn down to small fire.  Let it steam for another 2-3 minutes, a fresh steam of live clams (lala).  

IMG 8848

This year, the Pen Cai (横财就手).  “Feel lucky with the lucky hand”.

But every body is hunting for my Century Eggs!!!  The love the century eggs.

I love the Pig tongue (the left upper corner).

IMG 8808

And I arrange it so that the Pork Hand is nicely covered on it.

IMG 8810

This year, designing the Pen Cai, I also try to learn to organise the ingredient nicely so that every one can see the ingredient and hunt for it.

IMG 8814

Using iCook Wok, layer by layer, you place the pumpkin, white radish, carrots, Chinese Cabbage, Dried Scallop, Toupok, Toukee, TouGua, Leeks, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Chicken stocks, Mushroom, SiuBak, Century eggs, Abalone, Fattchoy, Dried Oyster, pig tongue, Pork tenant, Lap Cheong, Pork Hand, etc etc.  What ever you can see.  There is about 24 ingredients in there.  Then, cook it for 1 hour.  That’s it.

IMG 8811

My 横财就手 after cooked.  (oh my goodness, I forgot to put my big Prawns)  hahahaha.

Every one enjoy this dish.

IMG 8885

Suddenly I decided to cook a Chicken dish.  

So, I go and see what my wife bought me.  A 6 years (but kept for 10 years) Gingsen from Korea.

IMG 8786

Wow.  Sealed vacuum pack.

IMG 8789

The Korean Gingsen.

IMG 8794

With certificate of quality.  HEAVEN grade.

IMG 8791

Very simple to cook this dish.  Stuff red dates, goji berries, and glutinous rice (unfortunately, I run out of glutinous rice, so, I used the pearl rice from Taiwan instead) and then buried 2x Gingsen into the chicken stomach.  Seal it using a toothpick.

IMG 8796

Put water.  Then, add in 1-2 bottles of Chinese Cooking wine.

IMG 8802

Slow fire, boil for 1 hour.

IMG 8807

Fabulous dish.  The Korean Gingsen Chicken soup with rice.

IMG 8818

Next dish is this dish.  Guess what it is.

IMG 8768

After 1.5 hours seamer it.  You get this.  Wonderful Pig skin, pig tail soup.  Wahahaha.

Don’t worry, I am going to blog how to cook this in my next Cook with Ken blog.  🙂

IMG 8845

2 pots of white pork leg bee hoon & dark pork leg bee hoon.

IMG 8843

My chicken lap cheong clay pot rice.

IMG 8842

The deep sleep still alive fierce crab.  See you in 20 minutes time.  Wahahaha.

IMG 8821

I tabao some siubak too.

IMG 8844

All dishes are served.

IMG 8851

Sorry, busy cooking.  Not much photos on the other dishes.  See the prawns.

IMG 8854

I know my mom proud of the son who cook for her every year.  Hahaha.

IMG 8855

How can we forgot about this Chicken Backside dish.  Wahahaha.  I love this.  

IMG 8862

Let’s eat!

IMG 8863

I was afraid that every one finish everything.  Because in Chinese traditions, we need to leave some food for next year. Wahahaha

IMG 8870


Let’s do a simple Yu Sheng.

IMG 8823

Do a small one.  

IMG 8825

Get ready to Lou Lou Lou!

IMG 8830

Lou ah!  Huat ah!  Huat ah!

IMG 8837

This year is like card game and board game year.

IMG 8873

Its coffee time!

IMG 8880

That concludes our CNY Reunion Dinner.

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