Jay & Chinese Calligraphy

Date:  Dec 6, 2013

Don’t play play.  

When it come down to Chinese Calligraphy, we are darn serious about it.

My view:  Chinese Calligraphy is one of the root that a Chinese should learn.  So, Jay is a Chinese, not only I want him to speak Chinese, read Chinese, I also want him to write Chinese.  Note that the use of “I want”.  Wahahaha  Usually I give him a lot of freedom in choosing his activities.  But for this, I “demand” it has to be learned.  

This is a father’s demand not request.  So, Jay bo-bian, must learn.  First, write the 9-squares big words first.  Later, then, we will refine the skills to write the small square words.  Muahahahaha.

IMG 3453

So, I first made him learn to write the Chinese characters.  You can go to Popular to get one suitable one for him, such as P2 must-learn-to-write Chinese Characters.

IMG 3451

Then, once he is comfortable, write it on the proper Chinese calligraphy paper (also get from Popular).

When we are young, we use real ink.  But for them, I think we compensate a bit, use those Korean brand where the ink is supplied inside the brush.

IMG 3452

Not easy to teach.  But once he masters it, he will learn how to balance the art.  His writing will become much better.

Look at the word, the strokes is not done properly.

IMG 3460

See what I mean?  Four different sizes, big and small, etc.  NOT ACCEPTABLE.

He actually got scolded for this.  Wahahaha.

Learn to focus, son!

Focus, and make balance on each side.

IMG 3465


IMG 3468

It is not easy for Jay.  But let’s hope he can learn well here.

IMG 3467

Jay is a good boy.  And he listen, and he tries his best.

IMG 3470

OK.  Day one completed.  I like the 笑.

Well done Jay.  You have to remember, when daddy is angry with you, is because you did not focus in writing it well.  The art of writing it well has something to do with distributing the space and balancing the word/character through out this 9 small little squares.  If you can master the 9 squares, then, when it come down to small little square or no square at all, your writing for Chinese will greatly improve.  Daddy 用心良苦, ok!

IMG 3471

Here is a video clip when he writes.

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