Wonder’s Work Space Invention Camp – Day 3

Date:  Dec 5, 2013

It is the last day of Wonder’s Work Space Invention Camp.

It’s graduation day!

IMG 3390

The Yellow team – Aiden, Jay, Riandi, & Brayden.

 IMG 3431

Yes, I am a rocket scientist now!

 IMG 3441

Here is the badge I earn.  Rocket Scientist.

IMG 3442

All the kids are very happy taking photos.

Let’s take another photos with all the trainers.

Today is the Computer Programming day.  So, all the kids learn how to program the Webo.  I thought they will be using the Mindstorms.  Instead they use the Webo to teach.

IMG 3343

 Those kids who has completed the computer programming, gets to watch youtube.

IMG 3355

 Ah… NASA Johnson Style.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/2Sar5WT76kE

All of them suit up to receive their rocket scientist badge.

IMG 3358 

 OK.  Rocket Scientist, show me what have you all design today?


IMG 3444 

That comes with a switch.  Simply a cardboard, with two paper clip on each side to conduct electricity.  Wow.. Cool.

IMG 3447

Jay explaining the UFO.

Wow… switch to turn the power on.

 Jay really have lots of fun!

This course has taught him a lot of science knowledge and team work.

He is proud of becoming a Rocket Scientist.

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