Jay Jay Getting Used To Playing Golf

Date:  Oct 16, 2013

This is Jay Jay’s 4th appearance at 5-Hole Executive Course @ JCC.

Today, he is playing with “Rut” – Coach’s son who is P3 and first time on the golf course.  And another P2 kid Royce (It is his 2nd time).

IMG 9548

I also lazy, only bring 7 iron and Sand Wedge along with my putter.  I told Jay Jay, “I use 3 sticks also can win him!” 

Apparently, here is today results.  And I lost two holes to him.  Wahahahaha.

Next time I will bring my 8, 9iron, Pitching and 52 degree wedge.  hahahaha

IMG 9642

Questions:  Why the fairway got two different color.  

Ken:  The lawnmower lawn this direction here and then, lawn the other director back.

Jay:  Really, you look here is this color (light green)…

IMG 9554

Jay:  And when you turn around and look at the same row, it is darker green.  

Wow… I didn’t know that too.  hahaha

IMG 9553

Here he tee off!

IMG 9560

The practice swing is always very nice.  Later, some how the actual swing hitting the ball is less nicer.  hahaha

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/5NZmuRFGbUo

Coach’s son first appearance on the course.  He has very nice golf swing.

IMG 9566

There a many shots this kid hit very nice.  But the putting needs a lot of practice.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/NqsoC_MphpU

As you can see, he is now get used to playing “Real Golf”.  Nice and I like!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/G7EpgY8AaP0

Every one looking at Rocye doing the chipping.

IMG 9580

Nice finished.

IMG 9623

This tee off got a very nice sweet spot sound.  Good shot Jay!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/zFINXkchins

OK.  Now… I don’t bring him to the golf course for nothing hor.

Early this morning, he finished all his math and English online quiz.

IMG 9543

And then, he finished at least 80% of his holiday homework, before I allow him to play.

Study hard, work hard and play hard.  All balanced.

IMG 9544

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