Rescuing The Chinese Roots

Date:  Oct 15, 2013

I think Primary one is the most important year for any kids.

It is the year where they switch from play (Pre-School) to learn (Primary School).

It is also the year where they build the foundations.

As you know, if a building did not get a good foundation, it will collapse.

So, in order to build the foundations, we as parents should spent more time with them and give them the support behind while they learning.

Jay Jay has no problem with English and Math.  It is his roots, the mother tongue – Chinese that worries me.  

This week is PSLE marking week plus Hari Raya Haji holiday week.  So, Jay Jay had the whole week off.  Although he does not need to go school, but he needs to complete some homework plus 26 online homework.  i.e. MC Online.  

IMG 9408

So, since today is holiday, I also spent some time to take a look.

He completed almost all the English and Math.  And what I see from the screen are those Chinese one.  

So, I knew immediately that this is a sign of avoidance.  HaHaHa.  

IMG 9405

So, here is what I did to help him.

I sat behind him and watch him closely.  I asked him to read the sentence.

Not too bad, he knows almost 80% of the words.  Only a few Chinese characters that he cannot remember.

So, I made him write those words down.  Then, he will need to write down their Han Yu Pin Yin.  That will help him to remember.

Also, I will find my best ways to teach him by breaking into multiple parts of each word.  Why some words involve mouth, and why some words involve hands.

For example, the word “找” is actually 少了一撇 (missing stroke) of the word “我”.  So, it looks like “我”, so I teach him that we have to FIND (找) that missing stroke.  That is how he will remember the word.

捉 has 挑手旁, so, it is an action of using HAND.  “Catch”, you use hand to “Catch”.  So, this is like use HAND to 捉老鼠. 

Whatever you can teach him, you teach.  🙂  This is where he start to find Chinese fun.

IMG 9407

So, at the end of the day, he has all these word (with Han Yu Pin Yin) that he has to learn.

I think we have to take it slowly on teaching him the Chinese.

IMG 9412

I also sit behind him when he does the online math quiz / exercise.

IMG 9413

And I made him draw “model diagram” so that he can start developing it as a habit.  It is very important for him to visualise the questions and draw it into a model.

Then, he can know how to find the answers by looking at the model.

IMG 9414

A lot of parents may not have the time to sit behind the kid and watch him do the home work.  

But in my opinion, whenever you can do it, just spent 10min to 20min sit behind them and observe.

Some parents will let them finish their homework, and then, will go thru the answer after the have done the home work.

If there are error, then, parents will teach.  But at the first place, how did the kid come up with a wrong answer?  

So, that is what we need to fix, and that is what we need to find out whether the kid’s foundation in a certain subject is strong or not?

So, I don’t sit behind him every day, but I will make sure every topic, I will spent the firsts or second day to watch him.

I really hope that his Chinese can improve.  🙂  Let’s take it slowly and see how.


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