7 Years Old Jay Jay

Date:  Oct 14, 2013

The Friday before Oct 8, it was a fantastic mega party for Jay Jay, celebrating his birthday party with Riandy and Shawn.


Thank you every one for the presents.  

IMG 9112

But then, he is not yet 7 years old strictly speaking.  So, on his actual day, Oct 8, we brought him for a nice dinner.  He can eat his favourite Salmon Sushi.

It is amazing 7 full years that I have gone thru with this boy.  He has brought lots of joy into this family.  He also brings a lot of good memory too.  When you look back, it was really fun!

IMG 9128

On Oct 8, 2013, we celebrate his birthday with this birthday cake.  A very different one.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/eiWpNATBQT8

I love this second video.  Happy Birthday son!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/5snr_aQ5lKI

The first golf lesson after he turned 7 years old.  hitting the pitching iron and 8 iron > 50m.  Also suddenly handling his driver with confidence.

And he now has his own friends.  He will come down at 5:30pm to meet up with his regulars friends to ride bike, play football, and so on.  You feel he really grown up.

You know he will have no problem making friends every where.

At 7 years old, he is now 133cm high with slightly below 38KG.  He has grown up so big.

He looks a bit taller too.

IMG 9212

And he definitely likes water, and can handle swimming very well.


Still eat a lot .. but as you can see, I am happy that he also eats a lot of veggies…

IMG 9351

Some times, he will read books on his own too.  This is definitely a big grow up sign.

IMG 9100

Hope he can grow up with these older kids and learn a lot more life skills that parents cannot teach.  They have to learn from their peers.

IMG 9377

As a parent, we will continue give him his happy childhood.  Happy 7th Birthday Jay Jay.

IMG 9068

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