Cook with Ken: Japanese Curry Night

Date:  Oct 13, 2013

A simple dish you can make yourself too.  A Japanese Sesami Salad + Japanese Curry + Japanese Mushroom Rice.

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Later, we let our food critic eat and hear what he said.  OK ya?  

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A.  Japanese Sesame Salad.

I love to eat the salad from this restaurant called Room @ ARC.  Their Japanese Sesame Salad is so tasty.  Ever since I took it first time, I have been trying to reproduce that taste.  And I think this is the closest I can get.

IMG 9347

1.  Prepare a bowl of green sale that you like.  I use these organic Japanese spinach and tomatoes.

IMG 9338

and also these organic rocket salad from Hokkaido.  These veggies are extraordinary crunchy and tasty.

OK la, I don’t think there are too much radiation we need to worry about.

IMG 9339

2.  Cut all the veggies and soak the veggies in ICE WATER for 1 minute.  You cannot soak it too long.  Otherwise the veggies become too soft.

IMG 9337

3.  Now the magic sauce.  First sauce is a Japanese Soy Sesame Dressing.  You can get this from NTUC.

IMG 9342

2nd sauce is this sesame shabu shabu sauce.  You can get this I think from NTUC or Cold Storage or Mei-Diya.

IMG 9343

3rd sauce will give you the sweet honey taste.  Yup.  You need honey.  A honey that does not have too much sugar.

IMG 9341

Mix all three to your taste.  Some people like more sesame taste, then, you put more sesame.  Some like honey then, put more honey.  Some like watery watery like me.

IMG 9340

There you go.  Done!

IMG 9347

B.  Japanese Mushroom Rice.

1.  You will need Japanese mushroom.  Or any mushroom.

IMG 9361

2.  You will need Japanese Rice.

IMG 9363

3.  Use a rice cooker to cook the rice.  So, you put the rice into the pot, and then add water as per normal.

4.  Then, you put all the mushroom on top of it.  WITHOUT ADDING ADDITIONAL WATER.

5.  close the cover and press cook!  Just normal rice cooker, put mushroom in, that’s it.

IMG 9364

6.  After the rice is cook, here is a nice mushroom fragrance rice.

IMG 9344

C.  Japanese Curry with 200 days Dry Beef 

Our main dish.

1.  You will need 2x Potatoes, 2x Yellow or White Onions (big Onions), 2x Carrots (big).  Cut into Cube.

Screen Shot 2013 10 13 at 8 44 21 PM

2.  You need the Japanese Curry Sauce.  Just go to any Supermarket to get it.  I use this.

IMG 9357

Behind always got instruction.

IMG 9358

Use one pack is enough.

IMG 9359

3.  Of course, you need beef.  I used US Dry Aged Angus Beef (Prime Grade).  I always believe in order to cook a nice beef meal, you will always need to get prime beef.  HaHaHaHa… (I forgot to take a beef photo).  HaHaHa… If you use those from Cold Storage, NTUC, etc.. the common beef may be harder to bite.  haha  I always get my beef from Hubers @ Demsey Rd.  This is the left over beef from Jay Jay’s birthday BBQ party last week.

IMG 9366

4.  Now, here are the SECRET INGREDIENT to make your Japanese Curry taste EXTRA NICE.

YUP.  Cut 2x Apple.  cut into cube as well just like the potato.

IMG 9360

5.  Lastly, add this SECRET INGREDIENT to make your Japanese Curry got this fragrance.

Shock?  or Shiok!  Yes, add 2-3 small pieces of chocolate in it.

IMG 9356

6.  Heat the wok, add cooking oil.  Once cooking oil, is heated, add onions to stir fry.  

7.  Slowly add potato, carrots and stir fry.  4-5 min later, add water about 800ml or 1L.  This is for 5-6 services.

8.  When the water is boiled, bring down the fire to small fire.  Then, you add your beef, chocolate, apple and your Japanese Curry paste.

9.  Stir it and then use small fire to cook for 20min.  Slow cook until the potato and carrot are soften.

That’s it.  nice and easy.

IMG 9334

Does he loves it?

IMG 9352

What can I say?  Chef Ken has done it again!  hahaha

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