Engineer in the Make

Date: Oct 13, 2013

OK. I admit, I do give a lot of opportunity for Jay to be in contact with Engineering related knowledge.

This week, I love his robot as it is a very simple robot with simple hook to grab the parts.

A simple and straight forward programming that involve simplifying the task and deliver. He knows think more like an engineer.

And he still love his snap on electronic circuit set. He learned what is conductor this week. So he knows air & human body is not a conductor. He knows paper clip is a conductor. And thru experience he learned that paper clip wearing a rubber suit is not a conductor. As he build his conductor detector, he wants to learn more.

My family gene does not have any super gene that makes us good in anything. Today he learns so many things, badminton, golf, and tennis and robotics and so on. I would say he may not be super good in all these.

But as what Outliers book says, we can change this they practice. In order to be expert in anything, one has to learn and practice for 10,000 hours.

The most important thing is to give the kid opportunity. As long as the kid still have the interest and passions for it, from a parent perspective it may not be good in a certain subject or activity but still let him practice build up the muscle memory and hope it can be useful to them.

Of course there are some subject has to be forcefully given to the kids such as the life skill swimming. Survival related.

I am about to terminated his violin lesson as he is more fond of piano as compare to violin. So we listen to him and will terminate his violin lesson after learning it for 2 years. But we still glad as he know can focus more in piano.

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