Growing Pains – Swimming

Date:  Oct 12, 2013

This week is another eventful swimming lesson.

Don’t be fool by this photo.  Looks happy indeed.  HaHaHa


The first 20 minutes of the class is quite OK.  It is all routine.  Deep breathe and dip yourself into the water.

He dive for 12 seconds.  Good Job Kay Kay!


Then, do a bit of swimming.  Very good.


Do more dipping is OK too.  And then, holding on to uncle Soh hand still OK.

And he still can laugh too.  It is fun!

Wait now, uncle Soh then will let go his hand.  And ask Kay to jump into the water on his own.  That is where all the drama comes in.

He started to feel unhappy, and afraid.


He still wants uncle Soh to hold his hand.  But soon or later, he has to do it on his own.


He started to cry too.  But boy piano, he has to learned this first step.  He has to learn how to control his fear.


Then, more crying.  hahahaha


Bo Pian, we have to force him to swim more.  The more that he practice, the more he will get used to it.


Then, we asked him to do it on his own again.  And failed.


At the end of this lesson, he finally can do it.


Sorry Kay Kay, Daddy has to be very strict on this.  We have to let you cross that first barrier on your own.  If we don’t do that, you will never learn.  Once you learn how to do it, you will forget about what have happen today.  This is about growing pains.  This is the pain Daddy and you have to gone thru to defeat that fear.  Swimming, again is a very important life skills that you have to learn.  Your Daddy did not learn swimming until when I am 28 years old.  And I also have afraid of water for all my life.  But then, when I concur the fear, the fear never came back to me.  

So, be brave my son.

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