7 Hours Spent @ Science Centre

Date:  Oct 16, 2013

On Hari Raya Haji Holiday, we brought the kids to Science Centre. 

Well, we went there a couple of times.  Lorna Whiston also brought them there a few times.

We even bought a annual pass where we only used once.  HaHaHaHa.

So, what so special about it?

The more older your kids visit the science centre, the more questions they will ask.  They more fun they will have.  And they seems to have grown up to understand that.

IMG 9511

Just in case you are wondering how I took these family photos?

With my Sony Cyber Shot QX-10 or QX-100 of course.  You need a tripod too.

IMG 9512

I love this shot.  It seems like Kay Kay’s shoe is stepping on Jay Jay’s back.  hahaha

IMG 9516

Can you believe that, we came to see the dinosaurs, but we end up did not found where is the dinosaurs after 7 hours spent there?

IMG 9415

After so many years they are still in love with this rolling ball display.

IMG 9421

It’s magic!  Kay Kay and the magic table.

IMG 9425

Where is my body?

IMG 9426

At 7 years old, revisit of science centre makes him think.  can you figure out what to do?

IMG 9428

How on earth that Sony QX-100 makes a decision to shoot black and white photo?

IMG 9439

I can control the wind!

IMG 9443

The spinning plate.

IMG 9447

Two spinning plates.

IMG 9453

The Defensive Science section has lots of touch screen for them to play.

IMG 9459

Oh, designing a supersonic aircraft.

IMG 9460

Whenever you see buttons, you will see Kay Kay.

IMG 9462

I got a feeling he will end up like me, have a computer desk job.  haha

IMG 9464

All are amazed with the result.

IMG 9465

Does this flying toilet really can fly?  They won some thing I think.

IMG 9467

Still at the defensive terminal.  HaHaHa

IMG 9469

At least someone is jumping.

IMG 9470

No wonder kids will spent a lot of time here.

IMG 9478

I found that the science centre is getting colourful.  And that is these colours that attracts the kids.

IMG 9480

No joke queuing up here for food.  After 40 minutes I finally got our food.

IMG 9488

In the afternoon, more stuff awaits.  You guess how many rounds this kid play at this ping pong ball stations?

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/PFs-7C0Rc0s

This inclined room is not as good as the Taiwan’s one.  They have to improve it.

IMG 9489

Jay… this is your mission.

IMG 9492

It is Blaise Pascal triangle.

IMG 9493

Almost done!

IMG 9494

7 + 21 = 28….

IMG 9495

I finished it!  Good job Jay Jay!

IMG 9498

Nice piece of work!

IMG 9499

We managed to catch the Kitchen Science show at 4pm.  WOW… 4pm.  We came out 10:30am.

IMG 9500

It is very interesting that how a mental can do a fountain using Coke.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/mK5QLmgfCsM

The weather outside become very nice, so, we spent the rest of the time outdoor.

IMG 9505

Kids are running.

IMG 9506

Kids are jumping.

IMG 9507

Oh look… chameleon.

IMG 9517

Kids are turning the wheels.

IMG 9519

And they get to jump even higher…

IMG 9528

Fat boy can jump!

IMG 9529

Judging from their expressions… their power level is down to 20%.

IMG 9530

Very nice!  Very fun!

IMG 9533

From 10:30am until 5:30pm.  That is 7 hours time.

Don’t ask us how we did it, how we spent the time.  We really don’t know.  And time flies.

That concludes our revisit of Science Centre.

IMG 9534

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