Children Days Celebrations @ Pei Tong Primary School

Date:  Oct 5, 2013


Last Thursday, I went to Pei Tong Primary School to be a parent support volunteer.

IMG 8621

3 years ago, the Parent Support Group (PSG) has taken over the planning, setup, logistics of the Children’s Day celebration in Pei Tong Primary School.

I think this is the only big event planned by the PSG for the children.  And I think they did a very wonderful work.

The principal also admit, if it is planned by the teachers and school administrators, it will not be as fun as this.  The reason being, Children’s Day always fall on the week of PLSE exam for P6.  So, all the teachers are exhausted in helping P6 students to get thru it, and they will not have much time to plan for this mega event.

A good school not only need to have good teachers, but need to have a group of good parents support who care about the well being of their children.

The teachers in the school also quite talented.  They can write songs too.  This is a song written in Malay for the children on Children’s Day.  


So far I think the PSG in Pei Tong did a marvellous job.

Of course, being a volunteer, you get to see all the funs and actions in school.

Let’s see what the PSG has planned for this year Children’s Day celebrations.

I think “Pei Tong Got Talents” show has been running for 3 consecutive years.  Around 8am, all the students are gathered in the main hall to watch their fellow students participate in the talent show.  Pei Tong’s very own talent show.

IMG 8615

Here you see these brave young souls perform in front of the entire schools, competing each other and try to get the Talent Show’s First Place.

IMG 8640

This boy will grow up as great musician.  🙂


Here is the performance of individual category champion.  Very talented, and ain’t she good? I love the paper cups.


This team of 3 ballet dancers won the group Champion.

IMG 8648

It is fun for the children indeed.  They get to support their favourite talent.  They have lots of fun!


All the parent volunteers are gathered in ISH (Integrity Sport Hall) and each are assigned to their own stations.

My station is the big jumping castle.

IMG 8588

So, we are going to have a Children’s Day Carnival in the sport hall.  The boys gets to play in this huge jumping castle.  After the talent show.  They will have 3 batches of students coming and play here.  Let’s check out what other things are fun here.

IMG 8591

The girls get the smaller bouncing castle.  Yes, they separated the boys and girls.  Because in general, the boys are more rough in playing this popular game.

IMG 8592

The On Point game.   Toss the ring onto the pencil and win.

IMG 8593

Lots of prizes to be won.  And all these prizes are prepared by the PSG.

Can you believe how many games are there?

IMG 8594

Before the children comes in, parents are having some fun too.  The darts.

IMG 8595

Throw the basketball in the baskets.

IMG 8596

Ring a bottle.

IMG 8597

Ping Pong Egg Tray.

IMG 8598

Flip the Chopsticks.

IMG 8599

Roll a car.

IMG 8600

Stick the Glue Stick.

IMG 8601

For fatter students, they need to do this.  hahaha

IMG 8602


IMG 8603

Stacking games.

IMG 8604

Matching 3?

IMG 8605

Tic Tac Toe.

IMG 8606

Perhaps the most amazing things is him.  He is a parent of a student here in Primary One.  And I think he volunteer to entertain the children while they wait in the queue.

[updates]  This parent juggler, his name is Mr. Caplin, he is actually a professional Senior Lecturer in Singapore Poly.  He does this entertaining stuffs simply for interest.


He juggles.

IMG 8655

Amazing right?  If I know him earlier, I will invite him to my son’s mega BBQ party tonight.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 8663

This is one amazing parent. (sorry for the video, don’t know how to turn it upright.)


The queue could be worse than Universal Studios.  Hahahaha

IMG 8667

The children are having so much fun!

IMG 8668

Every session, there are about 400 students and they can be here for 2 periods.  When the siren sound off, they will gathered and orderly go back the class room.

IMG 8670

The Minions are here.  There will be three Minions, and they have to guess who is the teacher disguising it.  hahaha

IMG 8679

The bouncing Castle queue.  Every students get to jump for 1:30min.  In order.

IMG 8685

Here comes Jay Jay.

IMG 8691

Each time, 20 students will get on the bouncing castle.  And their shoes and belonging goes here.

I have to threaten the kids that if they hide inside don’t want to come out after the whistle blown, I will sent their shoe to principal office.  HAHAHAHA

IMG 8713

Wow.  I did not know what does these P5, P6 students eat.  They are almost taller than me for most of them.  hahaha.. Here comes another Minion.

My job is to blow the whistle and press the timer.  Not an easy job.  No wonder the rest of the parent who came here last year did not volunteer this post.  hahahaha

But I had a lot of fun.  No one was hurt at the end of the day.  4 students cry, that’s it.  1 got sent to General Office to see if he got broken arm or not.  haha

HAHAHA At the end of the day, no casualties.  Good.

IMG 8720

During the last two period, the students got back to the hall.  To see the winner of the talent show.

After that, it is a series of shows performed by the teachers.

The first show is dancing.  And you thought why the teachers are shy?  Only perform in an video.


I was wrong, more live actions are ahead.

IMG 8725

Mdm Yar leads a very innovative dance.  Each teacher has to follow exactly the movement of the teacher in front of her.   Cool.



Even the IT school admin from the IT department performs.

IMG 8747

The winner of individual.  Looks very different when she wear the school uniform.

IMG 8801

The winner of the group talent category.

IMG 8803

And who is the Minion??

The first Minion is the Principal Mr. Loh.  Wow.  He is a very fierce most of the time being a school principal.  But on Children’s day, he become a Minion.  And the pupils love it!

IMG 8754

Wait now, are you shire this is Children’s Day celebration?  The teachers seems like having lots of fun!

(Of course thanks to PSG, they don’t have to work, but perform)

(a way of destress??)

IMG 8809

And the grand finale.  A lot more teachers dancing for the students.

IMG 8759

Last year, they dance “Pei Tong Style” (Gung Num Style)…

This year, they are back in the 80’s Grease era.


Ending.  And the nice camera pose.


So far, Jay Jay went to this primary school, the home work is not that stressful.  (P1 / P2 suppose to be like this!  HaHaHaHa, unlike those scary thing I see from KiasuParent forum… hahaha

Got such a wonderful Children’s Day for the kids.  

I think he should have nothing much to complaint about.

Me as a parent also have nothing to complaint about this school too.

Thanks PSG for arranging this. 

IMG 8614



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