Your Brain Fit or Not Fit?

Date:  Oct 4, 2013

Only few years ago, that scientist found out that the kids learned much faster while they are exercising.  So, one part of BrainFit Classroom is to make you jump on the trampoline and learn the words.

IMG 8778

So, one part of the BrainFit classroom is to make your kid jump on trampoline and learn the words.

IMG 8769

This is the list of words Jay Jay needs to learn and remember this week.

IMG 8766

So, he jumped and see the words and then read out aloud.

IMG 8767

It’s kind of cool!  HaHaHaHa…

IMG 8768

Here is the video showing how he read out all these words..

Ever since we enrolled him here, he has been enjoying so much.  And he is more focus in learning, and his English is much better than when we put him in “I Can Read”.

IMG 8779

And Jay Jay is so clever that he even bring his home work to BrainFit class to ask teacher’s help.  And the centre teacher Kevin always help him with that.  

IMG 8780

Now I am very tempted to buy this.  HAHAHA.  But no place to put leh.  haha

IMG 8784

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