Learning How to Smash

Date:  Apr 23, 2013

Today, Jay Jay learned how to smash in his tennis class.  Cool!

IMG 0974

I think Jay Jay has benefited from him badminton class, so, his ball sense is much better nowadays.  I saw him catching a tennis ball from the sky yesterday.  He can never do that last time.  So, it is a great achievement for him.

This is the clip that shows his first class of learning how to smash.  Even myself did not know that you have to hold the racquet this way to smash.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/7UhaH-2yEzc

And he has paid a lot of attention in class.  So, I think he is also doing quite well in his tennis class.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/KaCIMeLfx1E

When we were young, there is not much opportunity to learn all these sports.  We have to learn it in High School by ourselves.  Nowadays opportunities is important for kids.  So, if he still got a lot of time, and within budget, try to expose the kid to all kinds of sports so that they can start learning the sports and healthy living.  Hopefully this will get them away from PC, Games, iOS devices.  

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